Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Teacher Gifts

So the last teacher gift I did this year was for Miss Stacy, Emmaline's preschool teacher. She is seriously so fantastic! She has REALLY helped Emmaline come out of her shell this year and she needed something extra I thought. So I made her the apron I've made for most of my family and friends now. I think I just have a few more friends and 2 close family members to go (I've been working on them for 2 years now to cover all the birthdays and such). I love the pattern, it is simple with good directions.
I bought all the fabrics at Hobby Lobby because they have really cute coordinating lines. From start to finish this one took about 2 hours.

I made one for myself and an identical one for my friend Tracy 2 years ago and they've been coming along ever since in all different fabrics and styles. Here's mine.
Many people like the apron....then they notice the skull and cross bones and either laugh and say it's cute, or don't know what to say after that. hehehehe, it's so fun! All my fabrics came from Joann's for this one.

I also tried to come up with a little girl one that I made for all the preschool girls in Emmaline's class for Christmas a year and a half ago. They turned out so fun! All the little girl fabrics came from Hobby Lobby.

My pantry is FULL of aprons that I've made for the kids and myself over the years and I think these are by far the most fun I've done yet!
I wish I would have taken pictures of all the ones I've done. Maybe I could ask a favor, if I've made one for you, can you put it on, and have someone take a photo of you in it and email it to me? I'd love to have it in my folder of craft projects I've done! Thanks!


  1. I absolutely adore the skull one! Marlee is way into skulls lately, she is starting to scare me a little. She wanted her room to be black with skull bedding. Little harsh for a 7 year old, no?

  2. O. M. Gosh. You've been busy. I have serious craft envy. Those aprons rock and the kids' teachers are going to love them.