Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Plaques

My friend Misty sent me an email with a picture of these Spring Plaques and said she wanted to make them and I thought they were so fun, so I said "Heck yes, let's do this!"

Little did I know that those roses were going to be my nemesis for nearly a month!

I wrote my friend Chelon who is super crafty too and runs a business with a friend of hers called Chatty Walls, I needed some serious help trying to figure out the different fonts used for the vinyl. Between the two of us, we came up with all these fun letters for the word Spring. We were trying to copy the project from this gals blog, when you get a minute....or a few hours, go check out her site, she is so super creative and has some of the most fun things going on in her home! Her site is House of Smith's.

On her site she gives a tutorial on how to make the roses out of rolls of birthday crepe paper. So I had bought tons of it, and after making all the roses for just one board I decided it was too much to make 3 of them. So I made this one for my great friend Carolyn for her birthday! It was so fun to see how it turned out!
And I made this one for me and my sister in law Christie. Michaels was clearancing off their mini spring wreaths and I got this one for $2 which is what I spent on the crepe paper to make the one above, I like it just as well and LOVED that is took less than 5 minutes to just glue it on. Done!


  1. K, um. I want one. But not just for spring (you know me!) I MUST have one for every season. I like the wreath just as well as the roses too! They turned out darling and I wish that I was there to run across the street and do them with you! :(

  2. Ok Britt, you come up with ideas for Summer, Fall, and Winter and lets get you a plane ticket out here and let's do them!

  3. SO CUTE! Maybe I will try and pick up a wreath. Mine is still sitting in he cupboard...not sure when I will pull it out. This is an awesome blog. I am so excited to see all the fun projects that you do.