Thursday, June 24, 2010


Here's a professional picture of the dress I did for Tristyn, she just looks so happy and beautiful. I had to post it. Look how sweet they are, ahhhh, newlyweds. Sigh.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Misty's Father's Day Quilt

My friend Misty had me sew a lap sized Father's Day Quilt for her husband for him to take to sporting events. It turned out so fun. She has quite the eye for picking fun coordinating fabrics and she had her boys paint some of the blocks for his quilt. It turned out super fun! Great idea Misty, and thanks for letting me sew it and quilt it for you, I loved seeing it come together!

I think she just used fabric paints for the blocks. I think it is such a fun idea to make a homemade gift for our daddy's and get the kids involved!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Wedding Dress

I was asked to sew a wedding dress for a daughter-in-law to be, of a friend. It was my first wedding dress. I had sewn a blessing dress for this friends first grand daughter a year and a half ago. It was fun to carry on the tradition!
The dress was mostly sewn on the machine, but I had to do all the lace, hems on the sleeves and all around the bottom of the dress by hand. It was serious work!
But all in all it turned out nice and fit correctly and I was pleased with it. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to do it, I learned so much. We had a pattern, but I had to change a lot and found out that I can work without one as well. And that is a good feeling, one that I needed.

I had promised them that I wouldn't post this until after the wedding which I believe was yesterday, so I wish them the best! Good luck Tristyn and Skyler! I know you'll be very happy! And thank you Marcia for giving me the opportunity once again to sew for your family's special occasions! I surely appreciate it and all I learned!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ol' fence picket flags

About 4 or 5 years ago I made this flag at church out of old fence pickets. When my friend Brittney moved to Utah she hadn't painted her unfinished one yet and gave it to me. Love you Britt! :)Last week I made it into this, a Texas one. I actually made it for someone I know who LOVES all things Texas. :)
They are pretty easy and really simple to make. And cost next to nothing honestly! You just get on craigslist and find someone who is giving away old fence panels or pickets for FREE, there are tons on there usually. You need to skinny ones, the larger ones just look dorky.

This is what you need to make the flag
7 old fence pickets
14 wood screws
Table saw or a handsaw if you have big muscles
Electric drill with a phillips bit in it, or an old fashioned screwdriver (yuck)
Brick red paint, navy blue paint, antique white paint
3 sponge brushes (they will be shredded by the end)
Rusty tin stars if you are doing the Americana flag, (I put a link to the place I bought them from, split them with your friends to lessen the cost) or a cast iron star if you are doing the Texas one. (I got mine this past week at Hobby Lobby, they were 50% off and I got it for $2.50. Sweet!)
Painters tape
Glue gun and sticks.

You cut the pickets with your table saw at 48". Don't throw away the part you cut off because we are being "green" and recycling it on the backside of the flag. You line up your posts against a wall so they are touching one another and square. You take 2 of the short parts of the pickets you cut off and and line them up 6 inches from the left side of the flag and 6 inches from the right side of the flag so that each piece goes across all 7 cut pickets. You take wood screws that are about 1" long and screw the wood brace across each of the 7 pickets on both ends.

Flip it over and tape off where you you want the blue part first. You want to do that first so it will dry quickly and you can get the stars glued on while the other colors dry. I'm always pinched on time, so any shortcuts I can find, I love to share!

After the blue, paint your red and white. Almost dry brush it on so it stays rustic. I didn't sand anything afterwards in these projects, it's just the dry brush painting. So really you don't need much paint either.

After the blue is dry, hot glue your stars on in whatever pattern you want and you are done!

My neighbor Misty and I made 3 of these from start to finish (I didn't even have the table saw set up yet when she got here) in 2 1/2 hours and that was with 3 kids running nutty around us. It's so cheap for 1 of them and easy too! Really.