Monday, July 12, 2010

Really Late 4th of July Post...

I've been meaning to post this forever. I decided to get up off my duff today and get it done! My friends Carolyn, Misty, and me all got together and made these two 4th of July crafts from scraps of wood I had laying around in the garage. Misty donated some to the cause too. Thanks lady!

Britt, it was all made from that sewing table I had in the front room. :( Table, may you rest in peace, or pieces as it were now. Hardy Har Har! That's my lame joke for the day. My oldest would be rolling her eyes right now if she could read this! Hehehe.
I made a bunch of these little stackable flags. We got the idea from the blog How Does She
It's a 2x4 flag. She gives all the directions on her blog of how to make it and even gives you a link to where she got the font so you can cut it out on your cricut or whatever other handy machine you may have. Or you can even just modge podge it on out of paper cut outs. Or just run your red paper through the printer and print it on, then cut the red paper to size and modge podge it on. Super easy, super fun! She even had the funnest idea on her blog of making up a bunch with friends and then running around and leaving them on peoples doorsteps to find, which I did do and honestly, it made me feel like a kid again, I left 5 of them around my town with little notes. It was fun!

The idea for these Firecrackers came from the Ucreate website. I changed a little of what she did. The Justice and Liberty are out of vinyl, the stars are all paper that I cut out on my cricut. Instead of tying them with a ribbon, I put beads on my wires too. Adds some sparkle. It was fun! I used 4x4 posts (used to be the legs of my sewing table) and cut them on my table saw at 12", 9", and 6" lengths. I did 12 the tallest because I only have 12x12 scrapbook paper. 1 piece of paper is needed per block. Apparently the lady from the website has larger paper because her's were taller. Anyway, these were plenty big enough! And fun to find paper for. She had brief directions on her website and they were pretty easy to figure out. I enjoyed my time making them all too, nothing is better than crafting with friends. Thanks ladies!


  1. Thanks for leaving one on my doorstep. Since I didn't get any of my other July 4th stuff out, it was the sole decoration. It looks great on my mantel!!!

  2. Awww, I love them! And, sewing table, I would like to write a Haiku poem in your honor:

    Piece of wood,
    Turned into a useful
    Wanted, coveted, desired tool.
    Played on
    Played under, sticky toddlers everywhere.
    Put away, unexpected
    Dusty and hot.
    Piece of wood again.

    There. That was my tribute. I love what you did, the firecrackers are my fave!

  3. love love love the firecrackers! those should be on next years craft list ;)