Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chunky Pumpkins

I made these today and they turned out so super cute I thought I'd post them up here.

I was recycling some old wood that I had from a sewing table of mine that my husband took apart.  It was just 4x4.  We cut them on the table saw at 5", 7" and 9" tall.

My friend Chelon painted them for me and she mixed the I can't give the color name.  I took walnut oil and rubbed the edges after the paint was all the way dry.  Then found 3 fun scrapbook papers at Hobby Lobby and Modge Podged them on all 4 sides.  Then used wood glue to glue 2x2x2.5" chunky wood stems on top.

I took the drill and with my tiniest bit, drilled some holes in top of the orange part of the pumpkins, and curled some wire and glued them into the holes.  Then I found some fun orange, rust and olive green beads and fed them onto the wires.  Really fun and really cheap project.    Probably the hardest part was cutting that chunky wood, but if I was smart, I would have asked the man at Lowes to do it for me.  Instead I went crying to mom this time.  :)  Thanks for your help mom and Chelon!  I love the way they turned out!!

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  1. holy crap! they turned out beautiful. i am going to have to find me some paper and do that too. that really made a huge difference! love love love love them :)