Monday, October 18, 2010

Fence Picket Pumpkins

Ahhhh, I LOVE pumpkins!!  So here's another pumpkin I did last week.  To make this one, you need 8 fence pickets, if the fence is old and worn, it ends up looking so much cuter!  You can find people giving away fence panels for free on craigslist.  Or you can attack a friend who is getting their fence replaced and beg her for the old stuff.  Which I did.  Thanks Stacy!

You lay 7 pickets out side by side, trace with a sharpie, the shape of a pumpkin, and then cut the wood with a table saw.  It doesn't do curves, so straight lines are best.

After you've cut the 7 pickets, lay them out side by side making sure the bottom is square so your pumpkin doesn't sit all wonky on the ground.  Then on the left over 8th board, lay it across all the boards and mark where to cut it to make a brace.  You'll need 2 of these.  Then with 1 1/4" wood screws, screw with a power drill, the braces across the top and bottom of the pumpkin.

Find a good pumpkiny orange paint and a good brown and go to town painting with a cheap, throw away, foam brush.  I went over mine after with a light oak stain to give it some depth and antiquing.  And then finish it up with raffia!  Easy and nearly free!  Happy Fall!


  1. I'm sorry, what exactly did you do to get those fence posts from Stacey? haha. I have tears running down my face. Oh, yeah, and cute pumpkin.

  2. Thank you Britt for catching my mistake. No, don't bed your friends, beg them! Thanks! Whew, sort of embarrassing. :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE how the pumpkins turned out. You are awesome :) Now onto the next project! You know if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have any crafts in my home ;)