Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Yard Sign

How fun is this?  I am loving all these holiday yard art signs people are doing.  I love the personalized ones most.  Chelon at Chatty Walls did the vinyl for me.  Look at the "K" in workshop, too fun!  I love all the different fonts she used too.  Fun times!

To make this you don't need very many things.  You need a 1x4 and a 1x3 board and also a stake, I usually find mine at Lowes for $ .99.  You also need a few wood screws that are 1 1/2" long.  Maybe like 8 of them.  2 for each board.  Paint, and vinyl and holly berries if you want or ribbon.

I cut the top board which is the 1x4 at 20", and the other 3 boards, which are the 1x3's at 18" each.  Then I just picket the ends at 45 degree angles.  But you wouldn't even have to do that and it would look just as fun.

The colors for paint I used are Americana brand.  Napa Red, Snow White and Light Hauser Green.  I LOVE THESE COLORS!

The ribbon I got from Michaels.  It's in their Christmas line.  It's all glittery green and perdy!  The Holly Berry garland is also from Michaels.  But it would be just as cute with a red ribbon wrapped around the stake like a candy cane.  I could hardly wait until Thanksgiving was done to pull in the fall yard sign and put up the Christmas one!  I'm super excited for the holidays to get here!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Now for a Little Christmas :)

Thinking on how Thanksgiving will be over in a weeks time, I've been itching to put up my Christmas stuff.  I LOVE the holidays and usually decorate for Halloween mid August.  So I've had my pumpkins and fall stuff out for a few months now, (and that is no small feat, I have over 100 pumpkins...a small addiction) and I am ready for the huge change over in themes and color in my home!  This past week I started making a few things.  Quite a few things.  And here are my favorite 2 this week.

First is a super easy one, It is Christmas vinyl just mounted on a simple 8X10 frame.  I put scrapbook paper cut to size inside and then tied ribbon around the edge of the frame.  I think it took me all of 5 minutes to finish.  I love quick projects so much!  And of course I got the vinyl from my friend Chelon, over at Chatty Walls.  I don't think she has it posted on her blog to order, but you could just shoot her an email and tell her you want the vinyl that says "Christmas" and is shaped like a Christmas tree and she'll know just what you mean.  They have their normal website and they have a blog too, you should check them both out sometime.  Lots of fun ideas on there.
The second project was more labor intensive.  Mostly because you have choices, choices, choices to make!  It is like the Fall Subway Art we did but she has come up with a super cute Christmas one.  I LOVE it.  Great job Chelon.  Seriously woman, I stand in awe of your greatness!  This isn't up on her website as of this morning yet either, but again, if you are interested in it, just shoot her an email (you can find her address on her website) and tell her you want the Christmas subway art and she'll let you know cost and all that fun stuff.

So for this one you need a board that is 1x12 and then cut it at 23" long.  You use the negative of the vinyl so that it can be used as a stencil and everything is painted on.  A bunch of friends have done these and it is so so so fun to see them come to life because ALL of them are different and unique since everyone uses the colors that best suit their home.  So fun!  I think it's best to go with 4 or 5 paint colors.  After that it gets a little busy. But you can totally use whatever floats your boat.  Also another thing we found that helped was to dab your paint on instead of brushing it.  That way there is less chance for leakage, but with the vinyl if it is really smoothed down good, you really don't have to worry about that too much.  I'm loving it!

I'm sure there will be many more Christmas crafting projects and gift ideas to come!  I love this time of year!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Couple Last Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

So this week has been CRAZY to say the least.  I am running a Christmas Craft Day today and so many more people signed up for it than I thought would which is great, except I just hope they can fit in my home all at once.  Hehehe.  During the week I did a couple more Fallish crafts and wanted to share before Thanksgiving is actually over and done with!

I have a small group of women that I craft with pretty regularly.  We each come up with ideas or find ideas on the many craft blogs out there and get together and whip them out.  So super fun!  My friend Holly found this one and it was so fun I ended up making 12 of them.  Super easy and really cheap too.  How cute are they?

She found them on a blog.  I can't remember the address, but all it is is a 2x4x4 block, a 5 gallon paint stirring stick for the head (those are free at Home Depot and Lowes), and 7 large craft sticks.  That's it on the wood.  Then you just need a very small amount of scrapbook paper and either ribbon or raffia.  I used a sharpie for the eyes.  We just cut the 7 craft sticks in half with kitchen scissors and then modge podged the halves to the backside of scrapbook paper.  Then when the mode podge is dry, just cut around the sticks with regular scissors.  Really easy.  We inked the edges with a distressing ink pad.  Everything is hot glued together.  I just cut the parts for the face out of red and mustard scrapbook papers and inked around those edges too.  they went together really quick.  Anyway, that is a quick one you can do and my kids helped and loved it.  So it's easy enough for them too.

My second project this week were these fun jars!
I found these jars at World Market.  They are Australian Root beer jars.  The root beer was yeasty and kind of yuck, but the jars are so cute!  You get 4 jars for $5.99.  Kind of a lot, but I figured I'd probably pay more for empty jars from a regular store.  The wheat is from Garden Ridge for $2.99 a bunch.  I needed 3 bunches for these jars.  And of course my friend Chelon did the vinyl for me.  She was brilliant and did it for both sides of the jar so I can have them sitting out on a counter and it will look great from any side.  I think it took maybe 5 minutes to throw it all together once I had the stickers washed off the jars.  I love quick projects!

The craft group ones today aren't so super quick.  I'll post what we had going on today after the day is done. I'd better go get the tables set up and covered with plastic.  :)  Have a fun crafting day!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Give Thanks Blocks

I made these Give Thanks blocks the other day.  They turned out fun and are so super easy to make.  You just need a 2x3 stud board cut at 3", 5" and 7".  Fall paint colors, whatever floats your boat, and vinyl.  I used beige for the words and bronze for the wheat.  I tied a ribbon around the "give" block and on some of them that I made I glued acorns on top which turned out fun, but left them off of mine because I was afraid my kids would just pick them off or my dog would try to eat them because she's weird like that.  :)  Anyway, there you go, something for this Holiday Season.