Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rag Quilts

 A friend of mine gave me an entire bin of cute boy and girl flannel fabrics and I've been trying to work my way through them so I can give her the bin back.  :)

Some of the flannel was already cut into blocks (huge smile)!!  I usually do rag quilts with 4" squares, but, this one is done with 10" ones and it went together so dang quick, probably start to finish a hour, maybe.
If you've never done a rag quilt before, they are pretty easy.  All you do is cut your flannel to the size you want for your blocks.  You are going to want to add on an extra inch for seam allowance.  So say, these ones are 10", they are 9" blocks after being sewn.

Then cut your batting a bit smaller than you cut your blocks, for this quilt they were 8".  I like to use the warm and natural 100% cotton batting because nothing annoys me more than polyester.  It's icky.  And smells weird.  Anyway, my own pet peeve, just ignore that part if you love it.  :)

Take 2 blocks of flannel and 1 of batting.  Sandwich the batting between the blocks, right sides out.  Then top stitch and "X" with your machine completely across the blocks and batting.  That's one block finished!  Repeat until you have your desired number of blocks done.  Then sew them into rows using 1/2" seam allowance.  After your entire quilt is pieced, once side should look smooth and nice like a normal pieced quilt top.  One side should have all the 1/2" seams hanging out.  You want to sew all the way around the outside of your quilt too with the 1/2" seam allowance.

Take your scissors, and this will feel really wrong, but snip those 1/2" seams nearly to the stitch line and keep going over the entire quilt like that.  Be VERY careful not to cut into your seam though.  You'll have a hole!  After it's all snipped through all the blocks and all the way around the outside of the quilt, throw it into the washing machine.  Make sure no clothing is in there with it, or they will be covered in lint forever and ever and ever!

Wash it, dry it.  And then get your vacuum and clean out your machine after, because man, it is messy. It turns out so soft and cuddly though.  Makes me want another baby just thinking about tiny quilts.  :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Slip Covering a Glider and Ottoman

 A friend of a friend asked me if I could slip cover a glider and ottoman for her, she was having a baby girl and it was too masculine.  I was excited about trying it because I hadn't done a glider before!  It was pretty fun!  The blue is the BEFORE shot.
 This is the AFTER.  I think it turned out pretty good.  It wasn't super hard to do either.  But it was a lot of putting the fabric on, pinning, sewing, putting it on again, pinning, sewing, etc.  You kind of have to make up the pattern as you go.  But it was fun.
It turned out sweet, and I was just glad I got it done before the baby arrived!  Whew!  I looked at this website for guidance in making slip covers.

They were pretty good!  I'd like to try a wingback chair next that I have in my house and it's just a hideous pink.  It's from my childhood in the 80's when mauve was so big.  :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beaded Serving Sets

 My good friend Misty made me some of these beaded serving sets for Christmas this past year, and I have just loved them!  So I decided to make some up since it was one of my good friends birthdays and she is completely into cooking and you can never have enough kitchen tools anyway!  Right?!!
 They are so bright and colorful!  They make me smile.  It would look just as cute to color coordinate with someone's kitchen too though.  I got the silverware pieces from Target and all the beads from Michaels and the black wire from Joann's.  Silver wire looks really nice too though.
You just start at the bottom of the silverware piece and make a swirl in the wire.  Then wrap it around the piece and put a bead on.  Wrap, add a bead.  Wrap, add a bead.   Wrap, add a bead.  You get the point.  Go all the way to the top, or as far as you desire.  Then crisscross with the wire back down.  Do not add any more beads on the way back.  Then when you get to the bottom with the wire, just roll the wire into another curly swirl.  You are done!  They are quick to put together and tons of fun!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Burlap last Valentine's Post

 My crafting group of gals got together this week to tackle the art of the burlap rosette.  Something that I thought was so cool is that even though each of us basically did the same thing, all of our roses turned out super different and unique to our own style and taste.  This is my friend Holly.  She runs The Rustic Peacock. If you've never checked out her site, it's super cute!  Have a looksee!
 This is my crafting buddy Chelon.  She runs Chatty Walls with her buddy Jamie.  And she does all the vinyl for my projects, I couldn't craft without her!
 This is just me, you can skip this part.  :)
 These rosettes are a pain in the patoot, but boy do they look cute when they are finished.  We got the idea to do this whole project from Nike over at Choose to Thrive.  She's super clever and crafts for free.  She has really cool ideas too.  Anyway, she has a link on her site to a tutorial on how to do these burlap rosettes.
Jeannie is the other crafting maniac in our group.  The woman can cook and one day will rival Pioneer Woman's site....just you wait.  I know she will.
 Anyway, this is how my first project with the rosettes turned out.....I thought it didn't have enough color.  (it's my ode to Carolyn, a buddy who did nearly the same board but with rosettes cut from old novel paper.)  Chelon came up with the idea to switch out one rose for a red burlap one, and it ended up looking like the photo below.  Kinda fun huh?
 I've asked my friends to email me photos when they finish their wreaths, so far Chelon finished hers and it turned out so cute!  Here it is
I'll add the other's in when they get done.  They all turned out different.  My friend Misty made one too and I'll have her send it along to me and post it here.  We loved the idea Nike, thanks for sharing!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Subway Art Pillow

Yesterday I got together with a couple friends and we made a few Subway Art Pillows that were featured on Dittle Dattle a while back.  It was harder than I thought it would be, but we learned a lot!  On the Dittle Dattle link, she has the file that you can download to cut the subway art on the cricut if you have Sure Cuts Alot program.  So nice of them!
We tried the freezer paper she said to use and my machine was having a really hard time cutting it without shredding it.  I even put it on the slowest setting thinking that would help (someone online suggested it) it made it worse.  I had just changed the blade, so I knew it wasn't that.  Anyway, so we did one pillow with that (it was tedious), then we tried contact paper and cut it like you would vinyl, and that worked better, but was really hard to see on the fabric since it's clear.  So next we tried vinyl, and we were able to weed it and transfer it to the fabric with backing paper and everything.  It was awesome!!  My goodness, it saved so much time.  And the paint didn't leaked under so much.  So live and learn.  Vinyl goes on easy, leaks less, and comes off tons easier too!  Woo! (Costs more though.)

We just used white twill fabric and red double faced satin ribbon.  We got our friend Jenna over at Smitten Kitten Bowtique to embroider it for us.  She's a talented one, that girl!  Then cut your subway art pattern, and paint it with silver fabric paint.  It dried really quickly, and was on display before dinner.  I love that!  Anyway, it was fun, and quick.  Try it if you get a second before Monday, or make it after Monday and save it for next year!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fence Picket Valentine

The other night my friend Misty texted me a photo of a cute fence picket Valentine.  It was so cute and inspired our own, which I really really love!  It took nearly all day long to make, but it was so worth it.  Lots of cutting on the table saw and band saw today.  Fun times!
It does have a lot of pink in it though....but I'm ok with that on this project...though I think I may add something to that plain pink heart, but not sure what yet.  :)  I think the thing that pleased me most about this project, is that I had absolutely everything in my garage and didn't need to buy a single thing for it, and it really used up a ton of scraps to do all those hearts, and cleaned out my garage in the process!  Woo Hoo!  It has a little bit of everything in it...hehehe, cedar fence pickets, plywood, pine board, MDF.  Hehehe.  Makes me happy.  I'm just sad to have to put it away in a weeks time.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whimsical Valentine's Love Birds

House of Smith's posted a really cute Love Birds vinyl art she had done a week or so ago, it was so sweet.  Chelon at Chatty Walls came up with this whimsical one.  I love the curls and swirls!  My buddy Jeannie found the frames for real affordable at Hobby Lobby and then it is mounted on plastic glazing instead of glass.  The package looks like this at Hobby Lobby.
I just cut it down to size with a meter stick and an exacto knife.  You have to be careful though because it cracks to easy.  It is better to put a little pressure and score over it many times.  Then when you get about half way through, you can gently bend it and it cracks along the score line.  Thankfully it doesn't cost very much, so even if you mess up, you can use a 40% off coupon and go get yourself another one to try again!  I speak from experience....but I won't tell you how many I went through.  Hehehe.  Cut it before you put the vinyl on, so you don't ruin your vinyl too!

Chelon came up with the idea to just hot glue the glazing in, I was trying to tap glazier points in and boy was it a pain.  So I was really really really thankful she came up with that idea!  Hot glue is a girls best friend!  It was a fun and super quick project.  Thanks for your hard work and help putting it together girls!  :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Letters

I loved how this project turned out!  I was being lazy yesterday and one of my buddies made me get out of bed and craft.  I'm so glad she did!  :)  A group of ladies had gotten together and ordered these letters from The Wood Connection  We got a discount on the shipping which was nice.  :)

What a fun project, and even more fun that I didn't have to cut the wood out myself!  Not that I don't enjoy doing that, because I really do, but sometimes it is nice to have someone else do it, especially something tedious like these letters.  But aren't they cute?  All we did was paint them, I did mine in Napa Red from Americana (in the craft paints section) and then you trace your letters onto scrapbook paper, cut out the shape and glue it on.  I used spray glue, but a lot of the other ladies used mod podge.  Then you distress your edges and embellish it up!  I used flowers, glitter, ribbon, wire, beads, and a metal heart.  (It's on the "V").

I have letters like this that say Family and Welcome too, and now I can't wait to get onto those and get them done!  Fun times!