Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beaded Serving Sets

 My good friend Misty made me some of these beaded serving sets for Christmas this past year, and I have just loved them!  So I decided to make some up since it was one of my good friends birthdays and she is completely into cooking and you can never have enough kitchen tools anyway!  Right?!!
 They are so bright and colorful!  They make me smile.  It would look just as cute to color coordinate with someone's kitchen too though.  I got the silverware pieces from Target and all the beads from Michaels and the black wire from Joann's.  Silver wire looks really nice too though.
You just start at the bottom of the silverware piece and make a swirl in the wire.  Then wrap it around the piece and put a bead on.  Wrap, add a bead.  Wrap, add a bead.   Wrap, add a bead.  You get the point.  Go all the way to the top, or as far as you desire.  Then crisscross with the wire back down.  Do not add any more beads on the way back.  Then when you get to the bottom with the wire, just roll the wire into another curly swirl.  You are done!  They are quick to put together and tons of fun!


  1. Erin,

    This is so, so cute! I would LOVE a set like this for my kitchen ... and it's killing me that I have nary a single bead to even try it. Ahhhh! Curses!

  2. Such a fun idea and great colors!! {your friend loves these very much!!} :)