Sunday, February 13, 2011

Burlap last Valentine's Post

 My crafting group of gals got together this week to tackle the art of the burlap rosette.  Something that I thought was so cool is that even though each of us basically did the same thing, all of our roses turned out super different and unique to our own style and taste.  This is my friend Holly.  She runs The Rustic Peacock. If you've never checked out her site, it's super cute!  Have a looksee!
 This is my crafting buddy Chelon.  She runs Chatty Walls with her buddy Jamie.  And she does all the vinyl for my projects, I couldn't craft without her!
 This is just me, you can skip this part.  :)
 These rosettes are a pain in the patoot, but boy do they look cute when they are finished.  We got the idea to do this whole project from Nike over at Choose to Thrive.  She's super clever and crafts for free.  She has really cool ideas too.  Anyway, she has a link on her site to a tutorial on how to do these burlap rosettes.
Jeannie is the other crafting maniac in our group.  The woman can cook and one day will rival Pioneer Woman's site....just you wait.  I know she will.
 Anyway, this is how my first project with the rosettes turned out.....I thought it didn't have enough color.  (it's my ode to Carolyn, a buddy who did nearly the same board but with rosettes cut from old novel paper.)  Chelon came up with the idea to switch out one rose for a red burlap one, and it ended up looking like the photo below.  Kinda fun huh?
 I've asked my friends to email me photos when they finish their wreaths, so far Chelon finished hers and it turned out so cute!  Here it is
I'll add the other's in when they get done.  They all turned out different.  My friend Misty made one too and I'll have her send it along to me and post it here.  We loved the idea Nike, thanks for sharing!


  1. This was a lot of fun, but A LOT of work :) I am still trying to figure out how to make mine more sturdy. I think I will like it more when it isn't flopping all over the place. Love this group of girls :)

  2. I love the pic of all of us! We need to take more pics when we get our crafting on :) also to note: wear a poncho when working with burlap!! Hehe

  3. AN Idea I found somewhere to make the wreath more sturdy was to use a can of spray foam and and make your own wreath form. She started with pizza box. I have a cardboard square "frame" Im going to use a can of sprayfoam on and then wrap it in burlap and then cover it with burlap rosettes!