Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Subway Art Pillow

Yesterday I got together with a couple friends and we made a few Subway Art Pillows that were featured on Dittle Dattle a while back.  It was harder than I thought it would be, but we learned a lot!  On the Dittle Dattle link, she has the file that you can download to cut the subway art on the cricut if you have Sure Cuts Alot program.  So nice of them!
We tried the freezer paper she said to use and my machine was having a really hard time cutting it without shredding it.  I even put it on the slowest setting thinking that would help (someone online suggested it) it made it worse.  I had just changed the blade, so I knew it wasn't that.  Anyway, so we did one pillow with that (it was tedious), then we tried contact paper and cut it like you would vinyl, and that worked better, but was really hard to see on the fabric since it's clear.  So next we tried vinyl, and we were able to weed it and transfer it to the fabric with backing paper and everything.  It was awesome!!  My goodness, it saved so much time.  And the paint didn't leaked under so much.  So live and learn.  Vinyl goes on easy, leaks less, and comes off tons easier too!  Woo! (Costs more though.)

We just used white twill fabric and red double faced satin ribbon.  We got our friend Jenna over at Smitten Kitten Bowtique to embroider it for us.  She's a talented one, that girl!  Then cut your subway art pattern, and paint it with silver fabric paint.  It dried really quickly, and was on display before dinner.  I love that!  Anyway, it was fun, and quick.  Try it if you get a second before Monday, or make it after Monday and save it for next year!


  1. So cute! I featured you today on my blog....I featured the Love tree frame :)

  2. I love this and want to make them for multiple seasons! Great idea!!