Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whimsical Valentine's Love Birds

House of Smith's posted a really cute Love Birds vinyl art she had done a week or so ago, it was so sweet.  Chelon at Chatty Walls came up with this whimsical one.  I love the curls and swirls!  My buddy Jeannie found the frames for real affordable at Hobby Lobby and then it is mounted on plastic glazing instead of glass.  The package looks like this at Hobby Lobby.
I just cut it down to size with a meter stick and an exacto knife.  You have to be careful though because it cracks to easy.  It is better to put a little pressure and score over it many times.  Then when you get about half way through, you can gently bend it and it cracks along the score line.  Thankfully it doesn't cost very much, so even if you mess up, you can use a 40% off coupon and go get yourself another one to try again!  I speak from experience....but I won't tell you how many I went through.  Hehehe.  Cut it before you put the vinyl on, so you don't ruin your vinyl too!

Chelon came up with the idea to just hot glue the glazing in, I was trying to tap glazier points in and boy was it a pain.  So I was really really really thankful she came up with that idea!  Hot glue is a girls best friend!  It was a fun and super quick project.  Thanks for your hard work and help putting it together girls!  :)


  1. I love the shape of this tree -- the curls rock. So cute!

  2. Super cute and fun! Love the design!