Monday, March 21, 2011

Photograph Coasters

A friend of mine made me some really cute photograph coasters of the city I live in for Christmas.  I thought they were so clever and creative!  So, I decided to make a few of these sets up a few weeks ago for a friend who needed some things to sell in her yogurt shop out in Hutto.  

They are a very affordable craft.  All you need are the things in the top picture.  Felt, Mod Podge, sealant, a foam brush, 4 tiles (or however many you want), and pictures printed off on regular white tissue paper.

For printing the pictures on tissue paper, you just cut the tissue paper down to 8 1/2"x 11" and tape it to a regular piece of computer paper, then run it through the printer like normal.  Pretty cool!  Oh, I also printed them all in black and white.
 Just brush the mod podge directly onto the tiles.
 Then place the tissue paper on top.  It will be bubbly, but I just took my finger and tapped it gently down all around the tile and it ended up giving it an antiqued weathered look.
 See?  Not too bad.  Then you let them dry completely, then spray them with two or three coats of sealant so the pictures don't come off on the bottom of someones coke.  :)
Flip them over when they are all the way dry, and glue the felt on to the back so the tiles don't scratch up any nice tables they may be placed on.
Easy and quick project, I think it would be really really fun to put kids or family photos on.  Maybe even a picture of your child's class for teacher gifts.  The craft probably cost less than $2 for a set of 4.


  1. totally going to try this! i love how they turned out and they look fairly easy :)