Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mostly Spring Crafts

 This was a fun craft to do because it is dual purposed!  One side is spring....
 then you flip it around and it is for summer!  We got the idea for it off of Thoughts in Vinyl.  She had some really cute reversible ideas for fall/winter too.  Anyway, what's cool about that site, is you can just buy the whole kit, wood and all and make it.  Only I didn't.  Because I am cheap.  :) 
 One of my dear friends made this for me for Easter.  Cute huh?!!  Its just a wreath she got at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, the speckled eggs were 50% off too, and the ribbon also 50% off.  She just hot glued the eggs on.  Burnt herself a few times....I'm surprised she still likes me after that, but I love it!  Thanks so much!
I also finally finished the shamrock to go behind my Spring letters.  Thought I'd post it even though St. Patrick's Day is already done.  Now I'm working on something for May.

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  1. Love everything! Like always!!! Give me a call this week if ya get a sec!