Monday, May 23, 2011

A Teacher Gift for a Very Special Teacher

Our 3rd, and most shy child, had a wonderfully fantastic Kindergarten teacher this year. She taught her so many things and pulled her out of her shell a bit. We just love her!!! All our kids teachers were great this year, but I did get to know this particular one well because I was one of her room mom's.

So the other room mom and I got together and decided to make her something really special.
Something that all the kids in the class could contribute something to.
We decided on a quilt, with all their hand prints on blocks.
It was so fun, and messy, but worth it! The quilt is nearly twin sized, and so large that I had to fold it in half and take a picture of the top and bottom halves. If I weren't so lazy, I could have gone out to the garage and gotten the ladder to snap a shot of the entire thing....but yeah, like that was going to happen. :)
We tried to choose fabrics as fresh and funky as she is, and I am really really pleased with the way it turned out! I know my little girl will certainly miss her next year and we hope she will continue to bloom and grow!


  1. Your "skillz" never cease to amaze me! Soooooo adorable!

  2. This is so, so sweet! What a great idea!