Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Trio of Pumpkins

I was asked to teach a class for a ladies craft night coming up in a couple weeks, and when I saw the post that Maria did over at You Craft Me Up! I just had to try it out.

She has a video on there on how to distress your 4x4 posts and all the supplies you'll need to make your own.  It was so fun to use a chisel.  :)  It was a lot harder than she made it look though....I may have said a bad word or two, and there may or may not have been an indecent where I got mad and threw the hammer, but there were no witnesses, so it can't be proven.  In the end, it was way fun, and I can't wait to teach the other ladies.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Halloween Subway Art

 I haven't felt "crafty" for a few months now, but now that Fall and Halloween are on there way, I just can't help but feel excited and hopeful that maybe, someday soon, the temperatures will cool down and Fall will finally be here!  Eeeee!  Excited.  Chatty Walls came up with this Halloween Subway Art for our crafting group, we had seen some similar ones out there, but I really liked the layout and fonts in this one.

All you need is a 1x12x18" piece of pine board.  And paint in which ever colors you choose.  Above is the dark version and then we did a light one below.  It's the same board, we just used both sides.  :)
We used the negative of the cut vinyl, so that we could use it as a stencil and paint it up.  It makes the reveal so much funner!  But it would be the fastest project ever if you just used the vinyl as the words also.  Chatty Walls is charging $10 for the vinyl, and you would just drop them an email and tell them that you want the Halloween Subway Art.  I don't think it's up on their website yet.

I found the iron scroll on top of the board online at McFrugal.  I ordered a bunch of different sizes and so did a friend, it makes the shipping cost a lot better if you can split it with a buddy!   

As far as paint colors go, we used Americana brand in White, Black, Burnt Orange, Light Hauser Green, and on the black board, Lavender, and on the white board, Dioxazine Purple.  Love love love it!