Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Rules Sign

A month or two ago, our little craft group made Family Rules Signs.  Some of us did personalized ones and some of us did this version.  Chatty Walls did the vinyl.  It's $20, and we just used it as a stencil, we all chose different paint colors and they all turned out so fun and different!  I got the 20" scroll on top from McFrugal.

It is a large project, but so fun, and it's hanging in the hallway and is the first thing the kids see when they come home from school.  I was hoping it would temper the fights and arguments my 4 monkeys have been having......I'm still waiting to see the results.  Hehehe.  The wood is cut out of a large sheet of MDF.  The measurements are 20"x32".  I also routered the edges of mine, but I don't think the others did.  Here are a few other examples of the other ladies boards, lots of fun ideas!

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  1. I love how mine turned out. Just need to add the scroll and hang it....someday I will get to that :) I love yours!