Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Subway Art Board

I fell in love with this HUGE subway art board that the super cute and crazy-talented gal at Tatertots and Jello did.  A couple of my buddies liked it too, and so we decided to make it!  It was SO much work, and pretty expensive because of the molding mostly, but I love the finished product.  I am also anti-pink, so we changed that color to red and reversed the black and silver paints.   The vinyl was a pain in the rear too, because it is a 6 foot board, and that is REALLY hard to get the vinyl to go on straight and not go crooked on ya.  It was so beautiful though, when it came time to pick off the background pattern's vinyl after painting the silver on, I had a friend and 2 sweet little ones helping me with my board and it still took over an hour just to get all those hundreds of little pieces picked off.  I felt insane for awhile.  It was definitely an intensive project, but a labor of LOVE.....hardy har har!  :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Valentine's Ideas

I had a craft day with my friends today.  It started out nutty and it was sort of a bad day for me from the get go, but in the end this was my salvation and made everything going on this morning much more bearable.  Oye!

This is two identical sets of the same blocks.  They words are different because my friend is a genius and the blocks are double sided so no matter which side of the counter you look at them from, they are cute.  And they are cute!  We got the idea from a craft blog floating around out there and this is our groups spin on it.  It didn't cost much at all.  You just use 4x4 post and cut it at 3 1/2" each to make them blocks.  Then you need 3 colors of paint and vinyl which I got from Chatty Walls.  After your paint is dry, distress the edges by sanding and tie tulle around it and you got yourself some conversation blocks.  :)

This is some subway art that I got off of a website but didn't like some of the phrases or fonts, so I changed about 4 lines of it.  Super fun and super easy!  You just upload the .jpg to Sams or Costco or where ever you get your photos printed and frame that baby, how easy is that?  I love projects like that.  Easy and it makes me feel productive.  Hahaha!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa

If you are looking for a fun service project to do I have a great one!  Last night a few ladies from church came over and we made 9 dresses in 2 hours for the humanitarian project called Little Dresses for Africa.  It was so much FUN!  They are made out of pillowcases!!  And they were so simple to whip out.  It takes about 30-45 minutes to complete 1 dress.  Here's a link to the website that tells how to do it and about it.  Little Dresses for Africa.  Get on there and make you some!  They also have Little Britches for Boys too, I think I may try those next.  :)
I mean heck, you add a few embellishments to the pillowcases and they suddenly are cute?  How does this happen.  I totally want to make some of these for my girls for this summer too.  
Thanks for letting me be a part of the project ladies!  I sure needed it and it made me smile.  Thanks!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine's Day

Last year we held a Valentine's craft night and made a few fun things.  I dug them out to post for some inspiration to get me going again after all the fall and Christmas crafts.  Boy have I been burnt out, but I think I finally feel ready to craft again.  Here's what I did last year and hopefully next week, I'll have some fun things I did for this year.

These are 1x3 stud boards (real cheap) from Lowes.  They are cut at 5", 7", and 9".  Chatty Walls did the vinyl for us.  They are super easy, just paint the boards red, pink and chocolate brown, distress the edges and ink the pink board with a chocolate brown ink pad, slap your vinyl on and you're done!  They were so fun!
I think I liked doing this one more though because I tend to not like pastels much.  I cut 2x4 at 6", 4", 5", 6".  I painted the backs and sides chocolate brown and then the fronts red.  I didn't distress them this time, just to change up my normal thing.  :)  Chatty Walls did the vinyl for this as well.  Slap on the vinyl and you are done.
This was my version last year of the conversation hearts.  This year my fun group of crafting ladies are working up one that I think is so much cuter!!  But to do these, I used a 1x6 and just did 3 cuts at 6" each.  Then I used my Cricut to cut hearts out of scrapbook paper.  After you paint the blocks whatever color floats your boat, modge podge the scrapbook hearts on, then apply the vinyl in whatever conversation hearts sayings you like.  I used a staple gun and attached ribbon to hang them with.  I had made a different version of them out of 2x6 boards, so they stood as blocks instead of hanging on the walls, but I gave them away to a friend who needed them last year and had forgotten to take pictures beforehand.  Darn!  I drive myself nuts when I forget to take pictures.  But next weeks will be cuter!
This was probably the most purchased craft last year.  I think there was over 120 orders if I remember right.  It's just a fun little gift you can give to the kids teachers at school or church, friends at school, co-workers and so affordable!  I got the jars from IKEA.  They are little spice jars and come in a box of 4 for $2.99.  I bought a little homespun fabric and ripped them into strips.  Then cut some tulle and tied it around the jar.  I used Stampin Up's scalloped circle punch, the 1 1/2" circle punch and the 1" circle punch.  I found a cute heart stamp and put it on there with a pop dot and a little rhinestone in the center of the flower on the heart and suddenly you have a fun gift you can fill with candy, bath salts, or anything fun you can think of for about $1 each.   Super fun!