Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine's Pillows and Blocks

 I've had a week full of Valentine's crafting.  I'm trying to keep myself busy with projects so the days don't drag on and on while I'm waiting for this little baby to decide she's done.  On the upside, my Dr. decided she would induce me if I haven't had her within 2 not too horribly much longer to wait, I suppose. 
 My projects were all brought to me by my friend.  She saw these simple 2x4x7 blocks and wanted to make them quickly, I love the way they turned out.  Simple colors, simple font, done in 30 minutes including dry time!  Love it!
 Our second project was more time consuming.  We made these 14" pillows and used the vinyl as a stencil with Martha Stewart satin paint.  It said if you heat set it, it would be perfect for fabric, so that's what we did! I made them with zippers, so that hopefully we can make some other holiday ones and just trade them out throughout the year.  I'm not really a lover of pink, but my daughters sure do like the way these turned out and I have to say they aren't half bad.  Maybe the color will grow on me some day!

 So....I had to make some in red too.  These I just cut out of MDF.  They are smaller than the pillows, I think these ones are 10 1/2" boards.  Then I just used white vinyl instead of doing the stencil thing.  It was fun!
 I also distressed the edges and then used a white ink pad to antique the edges.  It was sort of fun to use that instead of the dark I typically go with.  Anyway, I doubt I'll make more crafts before the baby comes... or at least I say that now.  I think my next goal is more nesting oriented.  Time to shampoo carpets!

Monday, January 9, 2012


 I finally got around to doing something I've been wanting to do for a very long time today!  I'm so happy!  For a few years we've had a couple hooks hanging in the hall for the kids to throw their coats and backpacks on when they get home.  As more and more kids joined our family and started school I realized a couple wasn't enough.....
 So I added 3 more for the rest of the kids!  And some super cute monograms that I found already designed at Vinyl Ready Designs.
They have a few different choices, and I just loved that I didn't have to think real hard on what I wanted, I just chose one already designed.  Because honestly, at this point in my pregnancy, I have no brain cells left.  ;)
I even planned ahead for the baby girl who will be here in less than 4 weeks.  I can't wait!  No monogram for her yet though, we are just having the more difficult time picking a name for her.
Here is an example of the file I purchased, They are fun and I love that they give me a blank one so I can change the font if I wish to.  Very nice of them.  :)