Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wedding Shower

 This past weekend I had the opportunity to help my sister-in-law throw a shower for another one of my sister-in-laws who will be getting married in a couple months time.  It was so much fun!
 My friend Holly had made cute signs out of old cupboard doors for her home and I just loved how they turned out.  She came to my rescue and had an extra one, so I bought it off of her and cut vinyl real quick and distressed it, thankfully I had some decorative knobs left over from an earlier project of jewelry boards that I did, and it came together in about 10 minutes.  It was awesome!  I love nothing more than really quick projects that turn out really cute!
 I did the party favor bags for the event too.  I found simple brown paper bags at Hobby Lobby, and then bought a few silk flower bushes, took them apart and redid them with brads with gems in them.
 They turned out so fun too, and were pretty easy and inexpensive to make cute.
 I also had time to do a monogrammed vase and square plate for them.  I really had a blast making those up really quick!
I wanted to post these amazing cakes my sister in law made too.  If I would have done them, they would have turned out horrible.  I have NO talent when it comes to food.  So pretty!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Fence Pickets

 I saw an idea very similar to this project on the Positively Splendid blog.  Her's was for indoors and a bit smaller and she made her own flowers.  I loved it!  Except I wanted something for my porch and larger...and less work.  Hehehe.  Michaels was having a sale on their daisies this week, so I stocked up and ran to Home Depot and got some French Gothic pickets and Simply Aqua Valspar paint from Lowes and we had ourselves a project!  It was so fun!  Chelon from Chatty Walls made a vinyl stencil for us.  Love it!
And now my porch doesn't feel so naked to me.  :)   Now if I could just get up the energy to sweep those leaves away.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcoming Spring

This year for Spring, I wanted to do something different on the door out front.  I am wreath burnt out.    I saw this idea on some website and thought it was pretty easy and fun.  But finding all the supplies was harder than I thought it would be!  I got the tin flat back vase at Joanns, the dark pink tulips at Hobby Lobby and the light pink tulips at Michaels.  Hehehe.  It probably would have been easier if I would have just gone to Garden Ridge, I bet all of the supplies are there in one spot.  Sigh, but it was fun to get out and check out my 3 favorite stores anyway.  The green ribbon is from Hobby Lobby and I just stuck the tulips down into florist foam.  It all came together in under 5 minutes once I had all the supplies.  The Welcome on the door is from Vinyl Ready Designs.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I made these fun signs last night for one of my daughter's classes PTA Spring Carnival Baskets.  The theme is Cupcakes!  And I wanted to do something different for the basket to add some variety.  I know we'll get lots of actual cupcake ingredients and other fun things like that, so why not some cupcake crafts for the true Cupcake Lover?!! 
I also decided that one usually has cupcakes during a birthday, so a birthday sign would be completely appropriate too...but mostly I just wanted an excuse to buy the Happy Birthday Blockart design.  Hehehe.  I got both the I Love Cupcakes file and Happy Birthday Blockart from Peppermint Creatives.  They have such cool stuff, I wish I could buy every design they offer!
I decided also to do a few birthday chargers.  I found these cute charger plates at Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks each.  And I bought the vinyl design from Vinyl Ready Designs.  It was a couple bucks too, but I figure I could do so many things with it whether it be on plates, or jars, or cupcake picks, etc.  I plan on having lots of fun with it!  Now, I think I must have a cupcake today as a reward.  ;)