Thursday, November 29, 2012

Joy Porch Sign

I got together earlier this week with a few girlfriends who were wanting to do a Christmas porch sign.  It was so much fun, and they all turned out so cute!

I got the vinyl from Chatty Walls.  We used the negative of the vinyl so that we could use it as a stencil and paint the lettering on, and then pull the vinyl off.

This sign is HUGE!  It's 6 feet tall by about 16 inches wide.

You will need 3, 1x6x6 foot boards
plus 2 pieces for the back cut at 14" each.  These don't have to be the 1x6, but just whatever you have lying around in your garage that you want to use up, any scrap will work.
12, 1 1/4" wood screws
an electric drill
an electric sander
 As for the paint, we used 3 colors.
Chocolate Brown is the undercoat, we watered this down so it is more like a wash.
Cream on top of that
and any Red you love for the lettering.

First you lay all the wood down and line them up nice and square, then put your 2 pieces cut at 14" across the top and bottom.  Then, on those 14 inch boards, screw in the wood screws (2 per 6 foot board) on the top and bottom.  If you do just one per board, top and bottom, the wood will shift and swing and not be stable.

After it is all assembled, then do you base coat.  It does not need to be perfect.  You are distressing and sanding the crud out of it anyway.  We watered that down so it would dry quickly and look somewhere between a stain and paint.  Then we painted cream on top of that when it was dry.
After the cream is done drying, put your vinyl stencil onto the wood and rub it down good to make sure paint doesn't leak under too much. 
Then paint your lettering on!  

When this is dry, pull off the vinyl stencil and take it outside to sand.  I roughed it up a bit and tried to sand a bit of the cream off so you could see the brown come through to accentuate the knots and grain of the wood.  

I love it!  It is large and you can see it from the street!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas Planner and Door Hanger

 I love Christmas planners.  I love Black Friday shopping.  I love the hunt, the coupons, eating out for breakfast (because I don't get to often) and spending time with family and friends.  My kids LOVE the day with just dad and usually Papa and an Uncle or two.  The men take the kids for the day while us women conquer our lists.  This year I could hardly wait to get started with the planning and coupon watching.  I started assembling this planner in late September/early October.  It's made with a composition book that I bought on sale in August when all the back to school sales were going on.  On the inside cover is a 5x9 envelope to hold my coupons and one on the back inside cover to hold all my receipts in one place.  Last year I made the entire thing with scrapbook paper and lots of layers of designs.  And then the layers got stuck in my huge purse and got bent and ripped and became ugly.  So this year, I decided to design it in photo shop and print it on photo paper for extra stability.  I did the tabs out of photo paper too.
 I added a new tab this year.  Last year I just had Calendar, Menu, To Do, The List, and Cards, and this year Crafts made the planner too.  I always make crafts for friends and teacher gifts and one year, a few years ago, I accidentally gave a friend the same gift two years in a row!  I was so embarrassed.  So now, in my book, I can design out all my crafts and then write exactly who was given what so that I can know year after year that I didn't make that mistake again!  Whew!  
 I also made a sign for the door this year.  I don't know about you other mom's out there, but I so needed one of these!  Year after year while I am wrapping gifts in my bedroom, the kid love to bang on the door and ask what I'm doing.  When I inform them I'm wrapping and to go away, a few seconds later I hear breathing coming from under the door!  Those sneaky peeking kids.  Hehehe.  And if I'm being honest, the worst offender in my home is my husband.
So, my next project is a sign to go under the tree, next to the gifts.  A No Peeking, Poking, or Shaking sign.  Because he always pokes, shakes and guesses.  And NOTHING makes me more upset than when he guesses right.  Which is just about all the time, and I don't know how he does it.  Sometimes I add other things in with the gift to throw off the weight and whatnot, but he still ALWAYS seems to know what I got for him.  The stinker!   

I used Martha Stewart paints for the sign.
Wedding Cake for the background
Then the lettering is done out of these
Glitter craft paint in Garnet
Metallic craft paint in Gold
and Satin Paints in
Tartan Red
Green Olive
and Pesto