Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teacher Gifts 2012

This year for Teacher Christmas Gifts, we decided to do something fun!  Take a look!

I got the idea for it from a friend.  She had found it on Shanty-2-Chic.  She had made a chalkboard and it was really cute.  
We decided instead of a chalkboard, to make a last name board.  She has a great tutorial on her site.  
I used the same wood, finial and stain as she did.  where I differed, is that I used cheap black spray paint for mine.  99 cents a can at Lowes!!!  Yay!  One can did 12 boards.  So it goes pretty far.  I made 24 total.  I cut the last name initial out of vinyl.  I tried to keep it at 10 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide on the letter.  I placed that on the stained board, taped the edges and then sprayed.  When it dried, I pulled the vinyl letter off, and that is how I got the letter in the background to have the stained wood as it's design.  I used the font Bookman Old Style.  
For the last name on the top layer, I used beige vinyl and cut the last name at 7.5" with whatever height looked good.  Some last names were long, and so the height wasn't too tall, some were short and the height ended up being 4" and it still looked good.  I also placed the last name in different places on each board.  When I tried to center them over the background, it just didn't look right.  Especially on the Cummings.  It made the "C" look like a funky E with the names going right through the center.  So if you make these, I would suggest playing around with the last name placement.  They all looked better in different places depending on the letter on the background.  The font I used for the last names is called Affair.  It isn't a free one, but it is lovely.
This project was fun, the only part I really really really really didn't like was all the sanding before hand.  It drove me nuts.  The staining was quick, the painting even quicker and the vinyl a snap!

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