Thursday, November 28, 2013

Reindeer Board

I made this fun reindeer board last week.  I really love it!
It's really heavy and large.
The board is a 24"x24" of MDF.
I painted it with Americana Napa Red first, then using vinyl as a stencil, I painted the deer Americana Snow White.  I sanded the edges and lightly across the top of the board, and that is it.

Super quick project!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Sign

I made this last year and ran out of time to post it.  The vinyl design is from My Vinyl Designer.
They have so many fantastic designs on their site.

It is made on a 1x12x18" board.
I used Americana's white paint and Napa Red
and then inked the edges.

It was a super quick project, I love those kind!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

O Holy Night Sign

 This is also a project from last year that I wasn't able to post until now.  My good friend Holly cut this vinyl project for me.  I just love it!  She has a silhouette machine and this is something from that.  I'm so thankful for her and her willingness to help me out after she made a sign for her home and I caught craft envy!!  Thanks!  You're the best!
The board is a 1x12x26" piece of white wood.  I painted the entire board Americana Napa Red.  Put down the vinyl as a stencil and painted white.  Then pulled the vinyl off and this is what you get!  So easy and I just love it!  Thanks again Holly for helping me out!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Noel Sign

 This is a project from Christmas of last year.  I never got around to doing a post on it because all 5 of my kids got sick with various things the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas and then the week of Christmas, all 7 of us got the flu from hell that everyone seemed to be getting in 2012.  It felt like the plague had come to town.  
So after Christmas I thought, gosh, I just don't want to post Christmas after Christmas, so I decided to save it for this year, and counted myself really really ahead of the game.  Hehe.

This Noel project turned out cute in the end, but boy, was I really mad at it for quite awhile.  There is a complete and ultimate FAIL on the opposite side of the board.  We had stained the board a pretty brown color, put a vinyl Noel over it, then painted black over that, then a crackle glaze, and then white on top of that.  The glaze gooped and lumped and didn't go very well at all.  I was so sad.  Thank heavens for the backside of boards.  Hehe.

So I flipped it over, painted the entire thing white, then put on the Noel vinyl again and painted one million coats of red glitter paint.  I learned a lesson doing this.  It would have gone so much faster if I had put down a red base coat first.  Next time!

The board is a 1x12x24 piece of white wood. (really inexpensive wood)
Then just white paint.
The glitter paint I used is called Folkart Extreme Glitter Acrylic Paint and the color was Red.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reindeer Board

I made this last year, and didn't get the chance to post it before Christmas.  Along with 3 other crafts.  So I saved them for this year to post about because I thought it felt weird to post Christmas things just before Valentine's Day.  :)
The design is from Chatty Walls.
It turned out so cute!

What you need to make it is
2x10x24 board
White Paint
Black Paint
Red Glitter Paint
Black ink for the edges
& the vinyl, which we used as a stencil.

I painted the board white.  After it dries, put the vinyl stencil on.
Then paint the lettering whatever you want, I did black and then red glitter on the reindeer and O in Rudolph.    So easy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

6 Foot Tall Thanksgiving Board

A while back I did a 6 foot Halloween Board, and I wanted to do something for the other side.  I decided to do a Thanksgiving one, and I LOVE how it turned out.  Super happy with it.  

I used vinyl as a stencil and painted the words on.  It is so huge and we don't have basements here in the Austin area, so I have to store my crafts in the attic until it is time to use them.  Sometimes the heat of the summer can peel the vinyl right off my projects, so I decided that really it just makes more sense to stencil the lettering on for large projects like these, and I like the looks of it.  You can distress right over the paint with the sander and stain, etc.  Last I glued on carved wood decorations on the very top and very bottom.  Love it!

Pumpkin Trio

I love this pumpkin design by Burton Avenue.  I actually love most all their stuff and if you check in on Fridays, she usually has free designs you can download!  Love that!  I believe the pumpkin design isn't free anymore, but this week she has one called Creepy Cracks that is super cute and really funny and free. :)

For these pumpkins, I just took a piece of 1" mdf and routered the edges. It is 8"x20".  Painted the whole thing white, and just put the pumpkin design on in black vinyl.  Then I got my black ink pad and inked all the edges of the board.  Pretty simple.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monster Eyeball Cookies and BOO Blocks

 Last week I whipped up a batch of these fun Monster Eyeball Cookies for my middle daughters class.  She had to do a "bag report" about a book she read.  She had chosen Twisted Sistahs.  Such a funny Halloween book.  I love it!  Anyway, for inside the bag, she had to choose 5 items that represent different things that happened in the story.  In the story, they had a Halloween feast, and ate many things with eyeballs in it, so I thought it would be a fun idea to make eyeball cookies.  Plus my kids love them, so that didn't hurt either.  You just take any basic sugar cookie dough and roll a serving sized portion into a ball, then roll it in your choice of sprinkles.  I put them on the pan and poked 2 eyeball sprinkles into them.  The eyeball sprinkles are made by Wilton and you can find them just about anywhere anymore.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but I've even seen them at Walmart.  Then bake as directed. The kids loved helping with them too, but be warned, they make a terrible sprinkle mess everywhere, but that's what brooms and dogs are for right??!!  :)
Then I was asked to help out with a craft the Young Women of my church are doing in a week or so.  They wanted to do BOO blocks.  So I whipped these up super quick.  They are all done on 2x3 boards.  They are cut at 5", 4", and 3" heights.  I tied orange tulle around the B block.  For the fonts, the B is Christmas on Crack.  and then two little guys, the pumpkin and the ghost, are actually a font also.  It is called DB Franks Friends, and there are tons more cute Halloween characters in that font.  It isn't a free one, but I've used a ton and it was worth the purchase.  It's actually on sale this week for a dollar from Lettering Delights.  Not too shabby!

Trick of Treat Blocks

I made these with a bunch of friends a week or two ago.  It was so fun, and really easy.  It isn't vinyl at all, but printables!  Yay!  All the information (and printables) are found here at I Dig Pinterest.

I did find one of the swirl stamps at Hobby Lobby like she said, but the other one I got from Michaels.  Then I also added in little bat and spider stamps here and there, you can't see them super well in the picture and I made 5 sets for myself, and I probably didn't choose the best example for those two particular stamps, but it did add something fun to the paper before we Mod Podged them on and nailed the corners.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Porch Count down

I made this 5 1/2 foot tall porch sign a couple weeks ago.  I had gotten the idea from Corner House Blog.
I just changed a few things, like the pennant banner and then I used chalkboard vinyl because that is what I had.  I used old fence pickets for the wood, because again, that is what I had handy.  It was a super fun craft and I love how large it is.  All the words are stenciled on with paint, as is the banner and candy corns.  I wanted it to be able to put up with all the heat/rain/cold, and I thought that would last the best.  It has made the kids super excited to count down the days and change the numbers outside too.  They are so excited for Halloween this year!  I must say, I am too.  :-)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rustic Wedding Sign

This was another craft ordered from a past teacher of one of my children.

Her step daughter is getting married and they wanted this rustic sign done to display when people are choosing their seats.  I think it is such a fun idea and really like the concept.

I took 2 old fence pickets, that were salvaged off of a fence, and cut them at 30" lengths.  Then I screwed them together with 2 pieces of wood on the backside. I cut a vinyl stencil and stenciled the paint on.  I love the knots and holes in the wood.  I love the character it adds to the sign.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas Reversible Blocks

A friend saw these on Pinterest and asked if I could help her make them.  They are super cute, I was totally up for that challenge.  I had a few huge craft days and made a few of these sets with friends at my home.  I love that they are multipurpose and that I can leave them out for 2 months before putting them away.  One side is the Give Thanks, then you turn the blocks around and Jingle Bells is on the backside.

They are cut out of 2x4's.  You need
2 @ 6 1/2"
2@ 5 1/2"
2@ 5"
and 1 @ 2"x6 1/2"

The paint colors I used are
For the Thanksgiving side and edges, you'll need (Americana Brand Colors)
Mississippi Mud (for the edges of all the blocks)
Dark Chocolate
Yellow Ochre
and Folkart Terra Cotta (only color in a different brand)

For the Christmas side you'll use (Americana again)
white again
Celery Green
Hauser Medium Green
Alizarin Crimson....unless they have Napa Red.  My store was out.  If they have Napa, it's a better red, but Alizarin Crimson will do too.

A group of friends made theirs with scrapbook paper Mod Podged on the wood instead of painting the colors and they look awesome!  The lettering is cut out of vinyl.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Come on Cooler Weather!!!

 I'm wishing for fall!  I'm demanding the weather cool off and all things pumpkin come out! 

This is my favorite time of year.  And I started making pumpkin stuff and hiding it in my house over a month ago.  Hehehe, love love love it!  I made a couple of these stacking pumpkins.  One for outside and one for just inside my front door.  They were tedious because I was picky.  I got all 3 sizes of pumpkins from 3 different stores.  Then the pot came from yet another store.  But I had in my head what I wanted and wanted it just so.  The pot is from Garden Ridge.  The pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Walmart.  I hot glued them all together and then wrapped a leaf garland around the base and hot glued a few leaves here and there.  I'm super excited about it because I can change out the decor for each season and just use the same pot.
 I love this project!  It's a bit of work, but oh so worth it.  I saw it on Pinterest from Infarrantly Creative.  She has great instructions on her blog of how to make this pallet art.  I think the only difference from mine and hers, is that she used silver paint and I used a linen color for the wording.  It's fairly inexpensive to make for how large it is too.  Also, an added bonus, I made 6 of them, and then had a bunch of left over wood around a foot each.  So, I made these below instead of just tossing the wood scraps in the garbage.  
I love how they turned out!  Not bad for a project made from things I was just going to toss out.  I nailed the wood together, and then lightly painted the 1x2 wood shims.  Then made a couple vinyl stencils, slapped on some paint, ripped the vinyl off, and they were totally done in like 30 minutes.  Start to finish.  And I love them. :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Large Halloween Board

Halloween is my favorite.  I can hardly wait to pull out all my pumpkins and fall decor.....I usually make myself wait until August.....and yes, I know that is still really early, but it is so hard to wait!

I knocked out my first Halloween craft (of the year), shown here, in July.  It isn't up on display yet, but I have a great friend who is moving home to Utah and she is a major part of our craft group and we just wanted to make sure she went home with one of these lovelies!

The board is 1"x12"x6'.  It is HUGE!  And I love it.
I did mine in all black and white and pulled in the colors through my embellishments.
My friend Chelon used colors on hers!  I love how hers turned out just as much.
 She used Burnt Orange, Purple, and Olive Green along with the black and white.
 We took fabric and ripped strips that were about 3" wide by 42" long.  We twisted the fabric and then coiled it up and hot glued as we went.  Burnt the heck out of myself multiple times, but it was so worth it!
You can't beat the fun, laughter, and creativity of crafting with good friends and I'm sure going to miss her.  Good luck in Utah Chelon!

Classroom Reading Nook Sign

I love it when my children's teachers from years past, order crafts!  We love seeing them again and catching up a little bit.  This past summer has been fun that way, and it's been a blast!

This sign is for a teachers reading nook.  It is done on a 1x12x24 board.

I had fun making it for her and hope to see her again soon!  :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You are loved always

Back in the Spring, I made this sign for my little girls' nursery.  It's a large sign that measures 24"x30".
I used 1x4's to make it, and just screwed them all together with a couple pieces of 1x4's on the back.  I painted the boards a linen color and then wiped stain around the edges of the boards and across the top in spots.  Then I used my vinyl as a stencil and painted the lettering in black.  After I pulled the vinyl off, I was tickled with how it turned out.  My friend Ralphie made one with me, with a slightly different layout and wording, and her's turned out super cute too!  I love happy crafting days!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sisters Banner Frame

I made this banner for my girls room.  I bought double pointed pennants from Hobby Lobby and used Mod Podge and fabric to cover them.  I cut Sisters out of black vinyl and put it directly onto the fabric after the Mod Podge was dry.  Then I strung it across a really large frame I had painted to match their furniture. In each pennant, I poked two holes to make it easier to string them, and hung them on bakers twine.  It looks so cute hanging over their bedroom door and fills the entire space so nicely.  :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

4th of July Craziness!

 I went a little crazy last week making 4th of July crafts!  It was so much fun.
I'm teaching a class on these firecrackers tomorrow morning.  They are pretty easy and but large.  The tallest one is 30", then 24", and the smallest is 16".  They are cut out of 4x4 posts.  Then, painted red, white and blue.  I used vinyl from Chatty Walls as a stencil and after I painted the words and stars on, pulled off the vinyl and threw it away.  I distressed them with a sander and on the white one, I went over it with a wood stain.  I drilled a hole in the top and glued rope in it, then burned the ends of the ropes so they wouldn't unravel.  I love how they turned out!
 This was a super easy craft.  My friend had made a few prints of this design that she found online and we stuck it in a frame.  :)  Tied a little burlap and fabric on the side.  Done.  Hehe.
 These pillows are burlap and we stuck vinyl down as a stencil and then spray painted them.  When they were dry, we pulled off the vinyl and I just LOVE how they turned out.  Then I sewed up the pillows, stuffed them, and called them good enough.  The vinyl for these also came from Chatty Walls.  
Lastly I made a 2 point pennant banner for my mantel.  Each pennant is  9" long and 6" wide.  The entire banner is 9 feet long.  We tied burlap and remnants of the fabrics we used between the pennants.  I am pleased with the way it turned out!  My house feels super festive now!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Board

I made a craft for my husband for Father's Day!  I saw it done on paper at Simply Kierste and loved it, but wanted a more permanent display for my home.  So I typed it out with similar fonts to cut out of vinyl.  I put it on a natural 12x12 board thinking it looked more masculine.

This has always been one of my favorite songs of the season, and I'm so glad she designed something super fun with it and shared her idea with us all!  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quilts for Baby Boys

 This year we have had 2 friends that had little boys.  I made this little quilt for one of my husband's friends at work.  Then I had a good friend that just had a little boy last week and I made her a crib sized one of these with a gray chevron background.  They were so much fun and I loved the colors!  

They are super simple just 6" squares pieces together with warm and natural batting inside.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

 Wow!  This school year just flew by!  Crazy!
For the end of the year teacher gifts this year I made each teacher a menu board with chalkboard vinyl for their kitchen at home.  I wanted to do something "non-teachery" and fun, and something they will hopefully use.
I used a 1x12x16 pine board.  I used the router on the edges, then painted it a linen color put the vinyl on.  I love that font for menu.  The edges were just inked with black ink.

 One of my daughter's teachers from last year asked if I could make a couple signs for her.  I thought they turned out pretty fun and I may just have to make these for teacher appreciation next year with whatever that particular teacher's vice is.  :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday and Photo Banners

 For my great friends birthday this year, I made her a fun birthday banner out of fabric and iron on 
I had a blast collecting fabrics from many different stores.  Love the mustache fabrics, so fun.  
 I had never used iron on vinyl before and it was great!  Thankfully my buddy had a professional heat press and it made it super easy and quick.  I was able to cut the iron on vinyl on my cricut just fine, and I loved how it turned out.
I had been wanting a fabric banner for the kids birthdays for a few years now because I can't stand the paper ones and streamers drive me nuts.  They never stay how I want them          and now I can just reuse this style year after year.
 To personalize her gift even more, I made photo banners of her kids.  I had to have her help with pictures, but it was so fun to see them grow each year through photos, especially since I've missed most of the years since they live so far away from us.  
 I just photo shopped party hats on their heads, printed the pictures at Sam's Club and then cut them out. Then I attached them to a long string of bakers twine.
 I loved adding some silly pictures in here and there for interest, and it shows the little ones personalities.
 She and her husband sure make some super cute kids.  :)
I think this picture was my favorite.  Every time I see it, I can't help but chuckle.  He's a cutie!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Owlways Be Yourself

My kindergarten aged son came home from school and said, "Mom, my teacher really really really loves owls.  Can you make her one today?"  How could I say no?!!  He has such a giving heart.  He's a really good kid.  So I told him I would make her one if he helped me out.  He was super excited, he loves painting.  

So we made her up this Owlways Be Yourself sign.  I got the vector pattern from here at Peppermint Creative

We just cut the vinyl and used it as a stencil so we could paint all the cute colors.  
Super easy and fun project.  And he said his teacher loved it, so it makes him happy too!