Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tall 1x4 Welcome Sign

 A few weeks ago, my friend and I decided to make a craft that wasn't holiday related.  I love large signs for my porch, and I have just about every holiday covered now, but I don't have anything to leave out for those non-holiday times.  So my friend Chelon at Chatty Walls  designed this large sign for me.  

I LOVE it!  I wanted to stain the wood, so that I could see the grain.  I used 1x4x15" pieces.  I dug through my garage and found a few shades of stain that I've had lying around for years and years.  I really really wanted a green color in there.  I decided that I didn't want to buy an entire can of stain, so I used my lightest stain and added a tiny bit of craft paint to it until I got my desired color.  And it worked great!  So I just took the 18 - 1x4x15 pieces of wood and stained them in 5 different colors.  We staggered them and screwed them down on 2 - 1x4x5' boards on the back.  Then, we took the vinyl, used it as a stencil and painted the wording on, and then pulled the vinyl off.  I think it is so fun, and you can make it so original, mine is the above with the reds and greens, my friends is below with he blues and browns.  I love how different they turned out.  :)

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