Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rustic Bunny Sign

 A couple weeks ago a few friends of mine threw together a quick craft group activity.  This adorable rustic bunny sign.  I love it!  They had seen the idea on pinterest (where we find all our ideas for everything anymore, right??!!) and planned it out. 
The sign is made with 1x4 slats of wood.  The finished measurements are 20"x24".  Chatty Walls cut the vinyl for us for the large bunny.  She had a million different bunnies to choose from and I just loved this one.  So sweet.  We used the vinyl a a stencil, so the bunny is painted on.  
Thanks ladies for throwing this together and for inviting me.  I really love it!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring, Easter and St. Patrick's Day Pennant Banners

I've been wanting to do a bunch of pennant banners for my kids birthdays for awhile now....still haven't gotten around it to, but I did get around to these this past week.  

And I learned a lot.  One of the coolest things I learned (and I'm probably really behind the times, I'm probably the last one to figure it out) is that the Cricut machine can cut fabric.  It's amazing!!  I used mine to cut the lettering and circles for the following banners.  

You just pick your fabric, and iron on some double sided fusible interfacing.  Then mount it on the cutting matt of the Cricut and set a new blade to the highest setting and cut!  Amazing!  I think I will be using this for so many projects to come.  I love it!
 Picking the fabric for the pennants was fun.  All of these came from Hobby Lobby for all the banners.  They have the cutest lines.  The pennants are 7 inches wide and 9 inches long each.  The circles on the Easter and Spring ones are 3" circles.  The Easter and Spring ones are double sided, so that after Easter is finished, I can turn it around and put the Spring one up.  
 I can hardly wait to get started on the birthday banners now.  I've always hated crepe paper streamers.  They never stay how I want them too!  A reusable fabric banner will be just great. :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Recycling Junky Furniture

 I've been working on redoing my girls bedroom.  It was all reds and tans for the past 10 years or so, and both my daughters really really love pink and turquoise.  So I finally caved and we have been working together to switch it over for the least amount of cost possible.  One of the projects was super fun!

I had this old TV stand from Walmart circa 1997 from back in my college days.  It was old, crappy, water stained and gross.  My daughter had been using it to store books and quilts.  She really wanted it pretty so I dug around in the garage and found some bead board that a friend had given me like 2 years ago.
 We cut the bead board to fit it and glued it down.  Then primed the whole thing and painted it peacock blue.
 And last we changed the hardware for $2 when Hobby Lobby was having all their knobs and pulls 50% off.  Sweet!  I think it is so much cuter now.  I'll show some other projects we did throughout the room as we finish them.