Friday, September 13, 2013

Come on Cooler Weather!!!

 I'm wishing for fall!  I'm demanding the weather cool off and all things pumpkin come out! 

This is my favorite time of year.  And I started making pumpkin stuff and hiding it in my house over a month ago.  Hehehe, love love love it!  I made a couple of these stacking pumpkins.  One for outside and one for just inside my front door.  They were tedious because I was picky.  I got all 3 sizes of pumpkins from 3 different stores.  Then the pot came from yet another store.  But I had in my head what I wanted and wanted it just so.  The pot is from Garden Ridge.  The pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Walmart.  I hot glued them all together and then wrapped a leaf garland around the base and hot glued a few leaves here and there.  I'm super excited about it because I can change out the decor for each season and just use the same pot.
 I love this project!  It's a bit of work, but oh so worth it.  I saw it on Pinterest from Infarrantly Creative.  She has great instructions on her blog of how to make this pallet art.  I think the only difference from mine and hers, is that she used silver paint and I used a linen color for the wording.  It's fairly inexpensive to make for how large it is too.  Also, an added bonus, I made 6 of them, and then had a bunch of left over wood around a foot each.  So, I made these below instead of just tossing the wood scraps in the garbage.  
I love how they turned out!  Not bad for a project made from things I was just going to toss out.  I nailed the wood together, and then lightly painted the 1x2 wood shims.  Then made a couple vinyl stencils, slapped on some paint, ripped the vinyl off, and they were totally done in like 30 minutes.  Start to finish.  And I love them. :)

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