Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas Reversible Blocks

A friend saw these on Pinterest and asked if I could help her make them.  They are super cute, I was totally up for that challenge.  I had a few huge craft days and made a few of these sets with friends at my home.  I love that they are multipurpose and that I can leave them out for 2 months before putting them away.  One side is the Give Thanks, then you turn the blocks around and Jingle Bells is on the backside.

They are cut out of 2x4's.  You need
2 @ 6 1/2"
2@ 5 1/2"
2@ 5"
and 1 @ 2"x6 1/2"

The paint colors I used are
For the Thanksgiving side and edges, you'll need (Americana Brand Colors)
Mississippi Mud (for the edges of all the blocks)
Dark Chocolate
Yellow Ochre
and Folkart Terra Cotta (only color in a different brand)

For the Christmas side you'll use (Americana again)
white again
Celery Green
Hauser Medium Green
Alizarin Crimson....unless they have Napa Red.  My store was out.  If they have Napa, it's a better red, but Alizarin Crimson will do too.

A group of friends made theirs with scrapbook paper Mod Podged on the wood instead of painting the colors and they look awesome!  The lettering is cut out of vinyl.


  1. Replies
    1. I actually used 5 different fonts. They are Love Letters, Janda Someone Like You, KG Strawberry Limeade, Beautiful Everytime, 2 Peas Mister Giggles. On the K that has the dots, I just added the dots in.

  2. I love this! So did the vinyl stick okay to the wood? How long did you let the paint dry before you put the letters on? Wondering if this is something we could accomplish during a craft party or if I need to do the painting first? Thanks :)

    1. Yes, the vinyl sticks great to the wood. My paint was completely dry in a hour or probably even less.

  3. Did you use a cricut for the vinyl?

  4. I used to. For this one I used a Copam It's s professional machine, but I totally think the cricut could cut this just fine.

  5. Thank you so much for the great idea and all the great detail!! I am going to give this a try this weekend!

  6. How large are the vinyl letters you used?

    1. Each letter on each block was a little different, but basically I wanted the lettering with a half inch on top and bottom smaller than the wood itself. Left to right varied on each block too because some of the letters looked silly to stretch the width of the block minus the 1/2" left and right. So I just cut them proportional. For example if I am cutting the lettering for the 6 1/2" blocks, I cut the vinyl at 5 1/2" tall. Then whatever looked normal left to right, you just have to make sure it isn't wider than the wood. I think really the "i" in Jingle was the only one that needed to be really thin or it looked really silly. I hope that helped!