Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Large Halloween Board

Halloween is my favorite.  I can hardly wait to pull out all my pumpkins and fall decor.....I usually make myself wait until August.....and yes, I know that is still really early, but it is so hard to wait!

I knocked out my first Halloween craft (of the year), shown here, in July.  It isn't up on display yet, but I have a great friend who is moving home to Utah and she is a major part of our craft group and we just wanted to make sure she went home with one of these lovelies!

The board is 1"x12"x6'.  It is HUGE!  And I love it.
I did mine in all black and white and pulled in the colors through my embellishments.
My friend Chelon used colors on hers!  I love how hers turned out just as much.
 She used Burnt Orange, Purple, and Olive Green along with the black and white.
 We took fabric and ripped strips that were about 3" wide by 42" long.  We twisted the fabric and then coiled it up and hot glued as we went.  Burnt the heck out of myself multiple times, but it was so worth it!
You can't beat the fun, laughter, and creativity of crafting with good friends and I'm sure going to miss her.  Good luck in Utah Chelon!

Classroom Reading Nook Sign

I love it when my children's teachers from years past, order crafts!  We love seeing them again and catching up a little bit.  This past summer has been fun that way, and it's been a blast!

This sign is for a teachers reading nook.  It is done on a 1x12x24 board.

I had fun making it for her and hope to see her again soon!  :)