Friday, January 24, 2014

I am....Enough Board

My friend Shelley asked me to design this board for her girls rooms, and I loved the idea and design so much I decided to make one for my girls' room too.

The board measured 1x10x24.
Then entire thing is painted.  I used vinyl as a stencil for the lettering and painters tape, before I painted, to mark off the correct widths of the stripes for the background.  The black dots are paint also, and I just used a pencil erasure to dab the paint on with so that it was a circle.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Valentine's Love Pallet and a Wreath

 I had some pallet wood in my garage that I had gathered with a friend awhile back and thought it would be perfect for this LOVE pallet art board.  So another friend and me got together and made these one morning.  I used 8 pallet boards to make it.  7 on the front and then I took the last board and cut it in half for the backing.  It is just screwed together with 18, 1 1/4" wood screws.  The finished size of the board is about 24x30.  The letters are just thin wood letters from Hobby Lobby.  I painted all of them red, then on the O, mod podged scrapbook paper on it.  You can't really tell in the photo but it is just white with red polkadots.  I had found some really tiny burlap pennants at Hobby Lobby also.  I cut little hearts out of vinyl and stuck them down on the pennants.  Then I painted red over the top of the entire pennant including the vinyl.  Then I pulled the vinyl off, so that the hearts are just the natural burlap under them.  I then found some thin jute rope and with a needle sewed the pennants onto the rope.  Then I taped it across the O.  Without the pennants, the O was just sort of getting lost on the board.
I also found this cute wreath for 50% off at Kohls this week.  They took wood shavings and made flowers out of them.  I just bought some extra pennants and put that across the top.  I'm kind of excited to change it out for Easter too, not sure what I'll put on there yet, but I'll figure something out.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Valentine's Craft Day Craziness!

Next week I am having a Valentine's craft day at my home.  These are the fun projects I am offering on those couple of days.  Three of them are repeats from previous years, but two are new projects for 
 I saw a design of this quote on Pinterest and loved it.  
This board is 1x10x24.  
I used Americana's Zinc as the paint color and just white vinyl.  
The font I used is Janda Swirlygirl.
 This is a design from Chattywalls.
The board is 2x12x24. 
I used Americana's Napa Red paint and white vinyl lettering.
The bakers twine is gray and white.
 This is another design I saw on Pinterest.  It belongs to to Simply Kierste, she has all the directions on her site for how to make it.  I used Americana's Napa Red paint with white lettering and Americana's Snow White paint with red vinyl lettering.
And lastly, these two blocks are on a 2x4x7.5 boards.  I painted them a light turquoise color and just used red vinyl on them.  The font is A Little Pot.

I can't wait for all my crafting buddies to come over and make some of these with me next week.  So much fun :)