Friday, January 10, 2014

Valentine's Craft Day Craziness!

Next week I am having a Valentine's craft day at my home.  These are the fun projects I am offering on those couple of days.  Three of them are repeats from previous years, but two are new projects for 
 I saw a design of this quote on Pinterest and loved it.  
This board is 1x10x24.  
I used Americana's Zinc as the paint color and just white vinyl.  
The font I used is Janda Swirlygirl.
 This is a design from Chattywalls.
The board is 2x12x24. 
I used Americana's Napa Red paint and white vinyl lettering.
The bakers twine is gray and white.
 This is another design I saw on Pinterest.  It belongs to to Simply Kierste, she has all the directions on her site for how to make it.  I used Americana's Napa Red paint with white lettering and Americana's Snow White paint with red vinyl lettering.
And lastly, these two blocks are on a 2x4x7.5 boards.  I painted them a light turquoise color and just used red vinyl on them.  The font is A Little Pot.

I can't wait for all my crafting buddies to come over and make some of these with me next week.  So much fun :)

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