Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Block and Cupcakes

Today is my baby's 2nd birthday.  Such a bittersweet day.  I love watching her and my other kids grow and learn, but I hate it at the same time.  It goes by way too fast.  She's super excited about today though, it's her day!  You would have thought that I would have made something like this years ago with my first kid....but I just got around to making it for kiddo #5, and that's ok, my others are still young enough to enjoy it!  :)

The wood is a 2x12x12 block.  I cut the vinyl as a stencil because I wanted to paint the letters different colors.  The two little wooden cupcakes are from The Wood Connection.  I seriously love that store.  I wish they had one here in Texas, but for now I'll just have to be happy with online shopping.  Hehe.  I painted the wooden cupcakes and then glittlered the tops and then glued on the beadboard liners.  I'm super happy with the results!

Happy Birthday Little One!  

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  1. Ooh I want to make that for my kiddos birthdays! How much did the cupcakes cost? Will you e-mail me about it? Thanks! Happy birthday to your little sweetie!