Monday, May 19, 2014

Simple Things Pallet Art

Pallet projects are the most fun to make!  Every single one turns out so different, even if you use the same paint color on all of them, they all vary because of the aged wood.  On this one above, you need 6 slats from an old pallet.  They can all vary in width too, it just make it more fun.  

I cut 5 boards at 30", and then I cut the last board in half exactly.  It is the braces across the top and bottom on the back side of the pallet art.  I used wood screw to screw it all together.  

Then on 2 of the boards, I mixed 1/4 paint with 3/4 parts water and washed the boards.  The other three boards I left natural.  I loved the looks of them and didn't want to change it.  I used vinyl as a stencil and put it down as best I could.  The vinyl does NOT stick well to old weathered wood, so it is important to dry brush the paint on so it doesn't leak under the stencil.  After the paint was on, I ripped the vinyl off and it was done.  I love it and I loved how everyone's in the class I was teaching, turned out differently.  

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