Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4th of July Crafts.....a very belated post

 The summer has just gotten away from me, and I thought I had posted these crafts when I made them in June, but I had not.  Oh well, I'll post them now, however late they are.
I made the reversible blocks up above out of 2x4's.  Here are my measurements for them
cut 3 @ 6"
cut 1 @ 5"
cut 3 @ 4"
I painted the edges of all the blocks black and then found scrapbook papers in patriotic and summer themes.  I cut the paper just slightly smaller than each block measures, and used Mod Podge to glue them down.  Then I cut my lettering our of black vinyl and stuck them to each side of the blocks.
 For this Pledge board, I used wood that measures 1x12x24 and cut the vinyl as a stencil, that way I could paint words in the colors I wanted.  

For the God Bless American board, it measures 2x10x24.  I also used the vinyl as a stencil and then wrapped bakers twine around the board and cut a star out of burlap.  I lightly painted the star to make it stand out a little more on the board.
The Let Freedom Ring board measures 1x12x18.  I used the vinyl as a stencil.  The paint is an antique navy blue, it nearly looks black in the pictures, but it is actually not.  I had made something similar a year or two before, but decided to use less colors on this one.  Now I can have one by my fireplace and one by my front door.  :)