Saturday, August 23, 2014

Crafts for the Home

 I just finished up making a bunch of crafts for the home.  This laundry room sign is 
1x10x30, painted black and I stenciled on the lettering so I could distress the entire thing.
 This little sign is for our family room.  It is 1x12x15 and is painted black with the lettering stenciled on once again.  I think any of these signs would have looked fantastic with color or shimmer, but it was just a black and white kind of day for me.  Keeping it simple.  :)
 I love this design.  It is on a 1x12x13 board.  The board is painted black and the lettering is stenciled on with white paint.
 This one is for the kitchen, it is also painted black with the lettering stenciled on in white.  It measures 1x12x13 finished.  I think it would have looked fantastic on a 1x10x13 board though.  I saw the design on Pinterest and tried to mimic it, it's not exact, but  these fonts and scrolls were easier to work with.
I had to make a new No Soliciting sign for our home....ours was stolen off the front door!  Hahaha, still makes me laugh.  This one is painted black, the lettering is white vinyl, then I went over the entire thing in Mod Podge for outdoors.  I put a couple eye hooks on top an then tied a ribbon through them.  Hopefully this one won't get swiped off the house!