Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween Craft Day Fun!

I had a Halloween Craft Day this month that was so fun!  We made this Subway Art board.
It measures 1x12x24.  I painted the board black.  After that was dry, I added the vinyl as a stencil and painted all of the lettering white.  After that was dry, I went back and added orange here and there.  The white paint underneath the orange made it "pop" more.  Otherwise it would have just been so much darker and disappear into the black paint.  Then you rip off the vinyl and you're done!
 We also made this Happy Halloween Pallet Art sign.  I had a million small pieces of pallet in my garage, and it was an awesome way to use those all up.  The board in the back measure 1x10x24.  The pieces on front measure anywhere from 5"-6".  I think it was most fun to find chunks of pallet wood with nail heads still in them and knots and cracks.  Then I just used wood glue to attach them.  I tried nailing them on, and it totally split the weathered pallet wood in half.  Sad.  So glue was best.  Unless you pre drill....but that would mean patience which I don't have.  :)
 We did these simple little trick or treat blocks.  They measure 2x8x8 and the lettering is just vinyl.  Super quick project.  I like those kind.  ;)
 These little fellers are each made on 2x4x4 blocks.  They are super fun and quick too  They are different colors of vinyl, and so like above, it was easy.
This block is made on a 2x6x6.  It looks really good against the larger trick or treat block.  It is painted black with silver vinyl lettering.  
I just love fall.  Now if only the weather would fuller cooperate!