Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Crafts

 I just love Christmas!  Here are a few crafts I made this year.  I wanted to update my No Peeking sign.  It works pretty well, except when I hang it and start wrapping gifts, inevitably, someone will start breathing through the crack under the door and then start asking me what I'm doing in there.  Hehehe.  
This one measure 1x6x8.  I drilled 2 holes through the board for the ribbon hanger to attach.  Then painted the entire board white and then put the vinyl stencil on and painted the colors I wanted, then ripped the vinyl off.  Then distressed it by sanding he edges and over the top a little and then rubbed a walnut oil ink over the top and sides. 
 The next 2 were made in the same way as the one above, but they are larger.  These boards measure 1x12x14 each.  We love the movie ELF!  Such a fun one.

 This Nativity measure 1x10x24.  I painted the board red.  I used Americana Napa Red (best red ever!) then put the vinyl stencil on and painted white.  I only did one coat of white, if you do more sometimes the paint will peel off with the stencil.  It's better to go light!  When it was dry I ripped off the vinyl and sanded the edges and across the top a bit.
 This one was made the same way with the same colors and above but the board measures 1x8x24.
 This sign was made the same as above also but the board measures 1x10x18.
This one is made with 3 pieces of wood that measure 1x6x15 each.  Then they are screwed together on the backside with 2 pieces of wood.  I painted them all white, put the stencil on and stenciled the red on.  Especially on pallets, it's important to go light on the paint because it will bleed everywhere if you don't.  A nearly dry brush and dabbing is the way to go.  If it does bleed, when it's dry just scrape at the part that bled over with an exacto knife and that usually takes care of most bleeds.  I rubbed the edges and top with the ink pad like above too.
 This board measures 1x12x24.  I painted the board white, then put the vinyl stencil down and used Americana Napa Red, Americana Light Hauser Green, and Americana Winter Blue Paints.  
This one measures 1x6x8 and I painted it white, then put the vinyl stencil down and used the Napa Red again and the Winter Blue again also.  I screwed a couple eye hooks on top and knotted a ribbon through.  

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