Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Craft Week 2015

 This year Easter Craft week was a "to go" type thing only.  Life got too crazy, and we all had been sick for 2-3 weeks.  But, the crafting went on, and things turned out just fine in the end!  Thankfully we are all healthy again!

This Hippity Hoppity sign's design is from Lori Whitlock, she has some of the cutest designs out there.  Many of these this month came from her.
The sign measures 1x12x12, and we used the vinyl as a stencil.  Painted the board black, then I stenciled all of the lettering white.  After that was dry, I went back and did the hoppity in Americana Poodleskirt Pink, and the On It's Way in Americana Whispering Turquoise.  Then I pulled the vinyl off and went to town with the sander to distress it.  :)

 Tune my Heart to Sing Thy Grace, is also a Lori Whitlock design.
It measures 1x12x12 and was a quick project.  Painted the board black, put down the vinyl when it was dry, painted the lettering white, ripped off the vinyl and sanded it.  DONE!
Here Comes Peter Cottontail is also a Lori Whitlock design.
This one measures 1x8x15.  I used all the same colors and techniques as in the above Hippity Hoppity board.

This Easter board is my design.  It measures 1x8x24.  I used the vinyl as a stencil in this also, and the colors are black, white, Americana Poodleskirt Pink, Craftsmart Yellow, Ceramcoat Treefrog Green, and Americana Whispering Turquoise.

These little blocks are reversible.  The other side is just below.  The blocks measure 2x4x4 and I painted all the outer edges white.  On these ones, I used white on 3 of the faces, then a metallic gold paint, and Americana Light Hauser Green.  The vinyl is actual vinyl and not stenciled.

This is the other side of the above blocks.  It is actual vinyl and not stenciled also.  I used the Americana Poodleskirt Pink, Craftsmart yellow, Americana Whispering Turquoise, Americana Light Hauser Green, and Americana Spiced Pumpkin.