Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day of the Dead

I had to sneak in one last Halloween project before it is upon us this weekend!  My friend Chelon inspired this one!  I used a 1x12x12 board and framed it with pieces of 1x2 boards.  I painted the board inside white, then stenciled on the sugar skull.  Then I hot glued paper flowers, I found at Hobby Lobby, around the corners.  I painted the 1x2 boards black, and the used wood glue to attach them to the 1x12x12 board.  I love how it turned out!

Thanksgiving Crafts 2015

I LOVE how my Thanksgiving crafts turned out this year!  
So happy with the table trough.  I made it out of a 1x6x8 board.  I was able to get all my cuts for this box out of one board.  2 sides are 24", the bottom is 22.5", and the 2 sides are 5.5" each.  I screwed it all together and stained it with Minwax Early American stain.  After a couple of days of drying, I put on the Gather Together stencil and painted the lettering in white.  Just one thin white layer.  Then I ripped off the vinyl and it was done!
 Or so I thought....I added these handles from Hobby Lobby to spruce it up a bit a week later.  Love it even more now!  It can hold up to 6 quart sized mason jars, but I only have 5 in mine currently.
 This grateful sign is made on a 2x8x8.  I painted the entire block brown, put on the stencil and painted the lettering white, and ripped off the vinyl stencil.  Then I distressed it by going over the edges and top with sandpaper.
 First We Gobble Then We Wobble is made on a 1x12x12 board.  I painted the entire thing white, then put on the vinyl stencil.  Then I painted, orange, Spanish olive green, and brown for the lettering.  I ripped off the stencil, sanded a bit and went over it with a walnut stain on the edges and across the top.
 The next two are both 1x12x15.  I painted both boards black first.  Then put down the stencils, then painted on all my colors.  I then ripped off the vinyl and sanded over them to distress it a bit.  

  This board is made on a 1x12x17.  I painted it brown, then put on the vinyl stencil and painted in the colors.  I'm not super happy with the colors and may redo it later.  Then you just rip off the vinyl and sand the edges.  Pretty easy.  :) 

A Few Projects for a Friend

 A friend asked me if I could make a bunch of projects for their new home.  I'm always up for crafting for others!  I also always love her ideas, she has so many great ones!  This project is HUGE!  It measures 24" wide by 46" tall.  I made it on a piece of MDF.  I painted it white, then put down a vinyl stencil, and stenciled the lettering black.  Then I ripped off the vinyl and took an antiquing ink pad in the color of pumice stone, which is basically gray and rubbed the edges and then across the entire project.  I love how it turned out!
 This one is a pallet and measures 30"x30".  It is made with 1x6x30 boards.  5 of them.  I painted them gray, then put down a vinyl stencil and stenciled the lettering white, then pulled off the vinyl and sanded the edges and across the wording lightly.  
 This project measures 14"x46".  Perfect for over a door.  I painted the wood white, then put down the stencil and did the lettering black.  I ripped off the stencil and went over it with the same gray ink as the first project.
 This map of Africa is made on a 18x24 board.  There's a red heart over Uganda which is hard to see in this picture.  I painted the board white.  Stenciled Africa in black.  Pulled off the vinyl and put another tiny stencil over Uganda and stenciled red.  Then pulled off that vinyl and went over the entire thing in the same gray ink as the first project.  
This project was more labor intensive!  It is a pallet.  IT IS HUGE!  It is beautiful!  It measure 55x36.  I used 1x6x55 boards.  7 of them.  I used 3 colors of stain to get the variety of colors in the wood.  After the stain was dry and set, I put a stencil of the world on the board.  Then I painted it white and ripped the stencil off.  No distressing on this one.  I didn't want to ruin the stain.  

Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween Crafts 2015

 This trio of cute candy corns are cut out of 2x4's.  They vary in size.  4", 4.5", and 5" tall.  I painted them, distressed them, and then added jute rope around the middle one.
 Autumn, Hayrides, and the Pumpkins signs are made from 1x4x24 pieces of wood.  I painted them, used a vinyl stencil to paint the white lettering on.  Then ripped the vinyl off, sanded them, and tied jute rope around the pumpkins board.  
 Harry Potter Marauders Map.  This is on a 1x8x20 board.  I painted it black, then put on a vinyl stencil, painted the lettering white, and ripped it off.  When it was all the way dry, I sanded it.
 This board is made on a 1x12x15.  It is painted Spanish Olive by Craftsmart.  I put on the vinyl stencil and painted the lettering white and ripped off the vinyl.  Then sanded lightly.
 I put a spell on you (above), and Ghosts and Goblins (below), are both 1x12x18.  I painted both black, then put on vinyl stencils.  Then painted the lettering white and ripped off the vinyl.  They are both lightly sanded around the edges because I wanted to keep the wording crisp.

 Beetlejuice is 1x10x13.  It is done exactly the same as the 2 crafts above.  
The BOO porch sign is made from 1"x4"x5'.  I painted it all black, put on the huge stencil, and painted the lettering white.  Then pulled it off and heavily distressed it.  I love how it turned out!  

Crafts for Family Rooms

 This large family rules board  I made for a friends home, is 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide.  It is made on MDF and first I painted it white.  Then put on a vinyl stencil, painted the lettering black, then pulled the vinyl off when it was dry.  Then I sanded the edges, and took stain and rubbed it around the edges and a bit across the top.
This pallet is 24" tall by 30" wide.  I built the pallet of 1x4x30's and then stained them all.  I cut the stencil out of vinyl and painted the heart yellow.  When that was dry I added the love in turquoise on top.

Crafts for Grandma's House

 These cute little stacker blocks are made from 2x3's measuring

Then I painted them black, white and gray.  When dry, distress the edges with a sander, and slap vinyl on.  Lastly stack them up and tie a cute ribbon around them all.  

This is made from a 2x10x10.  I painted the block brown, and then when dry I put the vinyl stencil on.  I painted all the lettering white and the when that was dry, went back and made certain lettering a pretty robins egg blue.  Then rip the vinyl off and sand it when dry.

Craft Room Sign

My goodness, I realized this morning that I haven't posted any crafts I've made since May!!!  I've been so bad about it.  Keeping too busy I guess!  

This is one of my favorites.  I organized the paints in my craft room and needed a super cute sign to go over them  The wall was bare.  I saw this idea for a "class room" and changed it to craft room and it is the truth.  I love my Sonic Rt 44 cokes with lime at happy hour and the sign makes me happy.  

It is made on a 1x12x18 board.  I painted the background black, then put on a vinyl stencil and painted all the words white first.  Then after that was dry went back and highlighted a couple of the words in red.  The white underneath makes the red pop off the black background with only one layer of white and one of red.  Without it, the red would blend into the black too much.