Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Few Projects for a Friend

 A friend asked me if I could make a bunch of projects for their new home.  I'm always up for crafting for others!  I also always love her ideas, she has so many great ones!  This project is HUGE!  It measures 24" wide by 46" tall.  I made it on a piece of MDF.  I painted it white, then put down a vinyl stencil, and stenciled the lettering black.  Then I ripped off the vinyl and took an antiquing ink pad in the color of pumice stone, which is basically gray and rubbed the edges and then across the entire project.  I love how it turned out!
 This one is a pallet and measures 30"x30".  It is made with 1x6x30 boards.  5 of them.  I painted them gray, then put down a vinyl stencil and stenciled the lettering white, then pulled off the vinyl and sanded the edges and across the wording lightly.  
 This project measures 14"x46".  Perfect for over a door.  I painted the wood white, then put down the stencil and did the lettering black.  I ripped off the stencil and went over it with the same gray ink as the first project.
 This map of Africa is made on a 18x24 board.  There's a red heart over Uganda which is hard to see in this picture.  I painted the board white.  Stenciled Africa in black.  Pulled off the vinyl and put another tiny stencil over Uganda and stenciled red.  Then pulled off that vinyl and went over the entire thing in the same gray ink as the first project.  
This project was more labor intensive!  It is a pallet.  IT IS HUGE!  It is beautiful!  It measure 55x36.  I used 1x6x55 boards.  7 of them.  I used 3 colors of stain to get the variety of colors in the wood.  After the stain was dry and set, I put a stencil of the world on the board.  Then I painted it white and ripped the stencil off.  No distressing on this one.  I didn't want to ruin the stain.  

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