Monday, October 12, 2015

Craft Room Sign

My goodness, I realized this morning that I haven't posted any crafts I've made since May!!!  I've been so bad about it.  Keeping too busy I guess!  

This is one of my favorites.  I organized the paints in my craft room and needed a super cute sign to go over them  The wall was bare.  I saw this idea for a "class room" and changed it to craft room and it is the truth.  I love my Sonic Rt 44 cokes with lime at happy hour and the sign makes me happy.  

It is made on a 1x12x18 board.  I painted the background black, then put on a vinyl stencil and painted all the words white first.  Then after that was dry went back and highlighted a couple of the words in red.  The white underneath makes the red pop off the black background with only one layer of white and one of red.  Without it, the red would blend into the black too much.  

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