Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween Crafts 2015

 This trio of cute candy corns are cut out of 2x4's.  They vary in size.  4", 4.5", and 5" tall.  I painted them, distressed them, and then added jute rope around the middle one.
 Autumn, Hayrides, and the Pumpkins signs are made from 1x4x24 pieces of wood.  I painted them, used a vinyl stencil to paint the white lettering on.  Then ripped the vinyl off, sanded them, and tied jute rope around the pumpkins board.  
 Harry Potter Marauders Map.  This is on a 1x8x20 board.  I painted it black, then put on a vinyl stencil, painted the lettering white, and ripped it off.  When it was all the way dry, I sanded it.
 This board is made on a 1x12x15.  It is painted Spanish Olive by Craftsmart.  I put on the vinyl stencil and painted the lettering white and ripped off the vinyl.  Then sanded lightly.
 I put a spell on you (above), and Ghosts and Goblins (below), are both 1x12x18.  I painted both black, then put on vinyl stencils.  Then painted the lettering white and ripped off the vinyl.  They are both lightly sanded around the edges because I wanted to keep the wording crisp.

 Beetlejuice is 1x10x13.  It is done exactly the same as the 2 crafts above.  
The BOO porch sign is made from 1"x4"x5'.  I painted it all black, put on the huge stencil, and painted the lettering white.  Then pulled it off and heavily distressed it.  I love how it turned out!  

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