Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Crafts 2015

I LOVE how my Thanksgiving crafts turned out this year!  
So happy with the table trough.  I made it out of a 1x6x8 board.  I was able to get all my cuts for this box out of one board.  2 sides are 24", the bottom is 22.5", and the 2 sides are 5.5" each.  I screwed it all together and stained it with Minwax Early American stain.  After a couple of days of drying, I put on the Gather Together stencil and painted the lettering in white.  Just one thin white layer.  Then I ripped off the vinyl and it was done!
 Or so I thought....I added these handles from Hobby Lobby to spruce it up a bit a week later.  Love it even more now!  It can hold up to 6 quart sized mason jars, but I only have 5 in mine currently.
 This grateful sign is made on a 2x8x8.  I painted the entire block brown, put on the stencil and painted the lettering white, and ripped off the vinyl stencil.  Then I distressed it by going over the edges and top with sandpaper.
 First We Gobble Then We Wobble is made on a 1x12x12 board.  I painted the entire thing white, then put on the vinyl stencil.  Then I painted, orange, Spanish olive green, and brown for the lettering.  I ripped off the stencil, sanded a bit and went over it with a walnut stain on the edges and across the top.
 The next two are both 1x12x15.  I painted both boards black first.  Then put down the stencils, then painted on all my colors.  I then ripped off the vinyl and sanded over them to distress it a bit.  

  This board is made on a 1x12x17.  I painted it brown, then put on the vinyl stencil and painted in the colors.  I'm not super happy with the colors and may redo it later.  Then you just rip off the vinyl and sand the edges.  Pretty easy.  :) 

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