Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Craft Day!

 I had a super fun Valentine's Craft Week a week or two ago and just realized I never posted my projects!  I was so surprised at the turn out, it was nearly as huge as my Christmas craft days.  We made lots of fun projects though!
The Love Pallet
This is made with 1x4's cut at 24".  You'll need 4 of them and then extra wood for the back to screw them all together with.  We painted the pallet white, put the stencil on and painted the heart Americana Napa Red and the love a metallic gold.  Then I sanded over the top of the entire project and inked around the edges with a Walnut color.

The Darcy Board
I love Pride and Prejudice, well truth be told, I'm a huge fan of Jane Austen and all books and movies that are about that time era.  I've been wanting to design out this board for a couple years and finally made it happen this year!
1x12x24 pine board
I painted the whole board black first then put the stencil on.  I painted ALL the lettering white and after that dried went back and painted some of the words in a metallic gold.  The white undercoat makes it pop and also makes it to where you don't have to do as many coats to make the gold show up.  I lightly sanded the edges when I was finished.

 Arrow Board
1x12x12 board
Paint the entire board white, then put the stencil on and paint each arrow a different color.  I used the Americana Napa Red, gold, and Americana Whisper Turquoise.  Sand the entire thing when done and ink it up with a walnut color.
Love Always & Forever
This board is 1x12x20
I painted the entire board Americana Whisper Turquoise, then put down the stencil and painted the lettering Americana Napa Red and gold.  Sand it after it's dry and ink the edges.

 You & Me
This is a two-part stencil project.  First paint the board white, then put down the ampersand stencil. I painted it Americana Napa Red.   Pull it up when it's dry, and put down the You and Me on the board.  Paint it gold, and then rip off the vinyl, sand it and ink it.
 love you more
This is on a 1x4x20 board.  Super quick project.  Paint the board Americana Napa Red, put down the stencil and paint the lettering white.  Pull off the vinyl and sand a little.  

Infinite Love
Paint the block white, then put the stencil down.  Paint the infinite love Americana Napa Red and pull off the stencil.  Sand and ink.