Monday, April 25, 2016

Teacher Appreciation 2016

 This year for Teacher Appreciation, I offered many teacher crafts.  Both for the classroom and for the home.  It was a lot of fun but so much work!  I offered every single one from last year, plus these posted here in addition.  24 project choices in all.  About killed me!  But it was too hard for me to decide on this or that. I loved them all!  

This be you tiful sign measures 1x12x24.  I painted the board black, and then used the vinyl as a stencil.  I used Craftsmart paint in the colors, black, white, spanish olive, dark yellow, robins egg and coral reef.  After the lettering was dry, I ripped off the vinyl stencil and distressed a little.
 I've been wanting Common Cooking Measurements and conversions on the inside of my cupboard door for a long time.  I'm always doubling recipes because I have so many kids, and this has already helped on multiple occasions!  It's just black vinyl stuck directly on the cupboard door. 
 This Classroom runs on board was a super fun one.  I let each lady who ordered personalize it to what their teacher loves.  We had Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Coke, Dr. Pepper, Chocolate, Coffee, Sonic Drinks, etc.  The board measures 1x12x15.  I did it the same way as the board above and the colors are all Crastsmart paints in black, white and red. It was fun because the ladies personalized their boards.  So the diet coke had silver, white, black and red to look more like a diet coke can.  The Dr. Pepper was maroon, white and silver paints.  It turned out super cool!
 You are my HAPPY!  This board is a 1x12x12.  I used Craftsmart paints again in white, black, robins egg, dark yellow, red, Spanish olive and lavender.  I inked the edges with a black distressing ink pad.
 Be the Most Brilliant Color is on a 1x12x16 board.  I used craftsmart white, black, red, yellow, holiday green, blue and purple.  The edges are inked with black distressing ink.
 Reading is dreaming is on a 1x12x12 board.  Craftsmart paints in white, red, robins egg and yellow.  I wish I would have used dark yellow because it is too light and hard to read.
 Just Read is on a 1x12x18 board.  I used Craftsmart black, white, robins egg, yellow and red.
 This is an updated version of my Before you speak think board.  I used craftsmart gray and white.  It measures 1x12x18.
 This laundry cheat sheet measures 1x10x18.  I used just black and white paint.
This one is on a 1x12x20 board and it was a special order board.  I love it!  She used Craftsmart black, white, red, yellow and robins egg. :)