Saturday, September 3, 2016

Christmas...a bit early

 These trees are made on a 1x4x15 boards.  I painted them with a brown wash.  Then put vinyl stencils on and painted them white.  Then I pulled off the stencil and sanded the edges of the boards.  Then I hot glued rusty tin stars on top of the trees.  I purchased them from Factory Direct Craft.  It think they were 1 3/4" if I remember right.  Then I took jute and wrapped the boards randomly with them on top and hot glued the edges on the backside of the boards.
Oh Come All Ye Faithful is made on a 1x12x24 board.  I painted it Americana Napa Red and used the vinyl as a stencil.  I painted the lettering white, and pulled the vinyl off.  Then I sanded the edges a bit.

Christmas Tree Farm is 1x12x24.  I painted the board white, then put a stencil down.  I used a combination of Americana Napa Red and Craftsmart Hunter Green for the lettering.  Then I pulled off the vinyl, sanded the edges of the board and rubbed it with walnut oil to antique it a bit.


  1. Can I ask what do you charge for your stencil?

    1. Hi Jen, it depends on which one you're wanting. The christmas tree farm and oh come all he faithful are $5 each. The tree trio is $4 each. Thanks! (Plus shipping) ;)