Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fall Crafts

 Some of these crafts are custom orders and some are for a Craft Night at my church.  This Gather measured 4.5x24.  I painted the board white.  Then I used vinyl as a stencil and painted the lettering black.  Then I ripped off the vinyl and sanded the edges and went around with black ink to antique it.
 This FALL sign is made with 1x4's.  The pallet measures 12x28.  First I built the pallet, then painted it white.  Then I put a vinyl stencil on and painted the lettering black.  Rip off the vinyl and it's finished!
 This happy Fall y'all is also a pallet.  I used 1x4's to build it to 12x28.  I painted the entire thing black, then used a stencil to do the lettering.  The lettering is Craftsmart Dark Yellow, Pumpkin and White.  For the banner across the top, I used canvas and cut it to triangles.  I painted it the same colors as the lettering and hot glued it to bakers twine, then hot glued the entire thing to the pallet.
Every year I fall for....this sign measures 1x12x18.  I painted the board white, used vinyl as a stencil and painted some of the lettering black and some a Pumpkin color.  Then I ripped off the vinyl, sanded the edges of the board and went around and across a bit with a walnut stain.

Thankful is made on a 1x8x18 board.  I made it exactly like the sign above except without the Pumpkin paint. ;) 

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