Friday, September 2, 2016

Hockey Boys Room

My boys are like their father, diehard hockey fans.  Their favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins.  My youngest son is torn between that team and that Dallas Stars secretly though ;) 
My boys also play and really enjoy the sport and their teammates.

While they were gone away to Camp Grandma and Papa with my husbands parents, I decided to surprise them with a redecoration of their room.  I hadn't updated it since my oldest son was 2, and now he's 13.  Sad, I know.  He had long ago out grew the cowboy themed room and it was time for an update!

 Pinterest had so many great ideas that people had done in various rooms.  That was an awesome springboard to get my mind going on what to do for my boys.

They have bunk beds, so I decided to put their name and numbers above each of their beds to label their own space.
 Then I just loved this Wayne Gretzky quote.  
 They have a wall of trophies and awards, so it needed a label too!
 Then, of course something Penguin.
Lastly, I made them a large 4 foot hockey vinyl which ended up being my favorite thing in the room! It's all out of navy vinyl and put directly on the wall.  They were so excited when they returned home and it was so worth the time I put into it!

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