Friday, September 2, 2016

Two New Variations to the No Soliciting Sign Design

 So I had to make a new No Soliciting sign for myself this year.  My daughter had a friend come over and his mom loved my old sign, so I gave it to her.  This one made me giggle, so I tried this new design and loved it!  It's made on a 1x12x12 board.  I painted it black, used the vinyl as a stencil.  Painted the lettering white, and ripped off the vinyl.  Then I distressed it, added 2 eye hooks on top and threaded a ribbon through it and tied knots.  Pretty easy.

This one is made exactly like the one above it.  It was a custom order and instead of "thin mints" like my older sign, they wanted it to say Wine.  So there you go!

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