Friday, September 2, 2016

Wedding Signs

 There was soooo many weddings this summer I was hired to make signs for.  People have some great ideas!  So the board above was for a table where you sign the guest book.  I stained the wood, made a vinyl stencil, stenciled the lettering white and pulled off the vinyl.  Finished!
For the one above, I made it just like the first one, but this one is a pallet that I had to build out of 1x4x12 first.
This one was a very large pallet.  And such a cool idea!  They are using this as their guest book.  Each guest will sign one of the leaves and then they will hang it in their home.  The two love birds are for the couple getting married, and the little love bird is for the grooms son.  I love that they included him! This one is not stenciled, but vinyl.  

And lastly, I think this is such a good idea to ask your guest to # something so that you can find all the awesome pictures and videos that they post on social media at your wedding and/or reception.  Super great idea!  

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